Live: Lisa Carrington paddles on her way to the women’s K1 500m final, the Kiwi duo secure a place in the men’s K2 1000m final

Lisa Carrington will hope to add the two third gold medals in kayak to the two she has already won at the Tokyo Olympics when the New Zealand medal hunt continues on Thursday.

A medal of any description in the K1 500m will bring her a total of six Olympic medals – more than any other kiwi – and she could still finish the Games with seven.

Lisa Carrington will be chasing her third gold medal at the K1 500m at the Tokyo Olympics on Thursday.

Steve McArthur / Photosport

Lisa Carrington will be chasing her third gold medal in the K1 500m at the Tokyo Olympics on Thursday.

Carrington won her competition on Wednesday, while Regal finished third in his own, to also advance directly to the semifinals.

Ball throwers Tom Walsh and Jacko Gill of the finals play just after 2 p.m., where Walsh is the medal favorite but has work to do to win gold, while Nick Willis will race in the semifinals at 1,500 meters late at night on the track.

Karate has its Olympic debut on Thursday, when Andrea Anacan will carry the flag for New Zealand in the women’s Kata, while Lydia Ko will strive to advance to the second round of the women’s golf tournament.

Kiwi in action on the 13th day of the Tokyo Olympics; Thursday, August 5th


12.58 hours: Caitlin Regal (women’s semifinal K1 500 m 1)

13.19 hours: Lisa Carrington (Women’s Semifinals K1 500m 4)

13.26 hours: Max Brown and Kurtis Imrie (Men, K2, 1000 m, Semifinals 1)

15.29 hours: Lisa Carrington, Caitlin Regal (Women & # 39; s 500 m Finals, Qualifying)

15.55 hours: Max Brown and Kurtis Imrie (Men, K2, 1000m, Finals, Qualifying)


13.20, then 14.00: Andrea Anacan (elimination round for women)

14.37 hours: Andrea Anacan (Women’s Kata Round if qualified)


13.36 hours: Lydia Ko (Women’s Individual – Second Round)


14.05 hours: Jacko Gill, Tom Walsh (Men, Throwing Ball, Final)


18.30: Campbell Stewart * (omni, omni – scratch race)

19.03: Sam Webster (men’s 1/8 final sprint; replay if necessary (19.21); quarterfinals if qualified (19.45, 20.25, 20.50))

19.11 hours: Ellese Andrews (Quarterfinals Keirin Women, Round 2; Semifinals If Qualifying (19.57 hours), finally if qualified (20.45 hours))

19.27 hours: Campbell Stewart * (omnium – pace race)

20.07: Campbell Stewart * (omni, men’s elimination race)

20.55 hours: Campbell Stewart * (omnium omnium – points race)

* He replaced Aaron Gate, who crashed in the men’s bronze medal race on Wednesday.


22.30: Andrea Anacan (Women’s Round, Medal, Qualifying)


23:00: Nick Willis (Men, Semifinals 1500 m 1)

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