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Live rugby league updates: Kiwis v UK

All the action while the Kiwis are taking the UK to Christchurch.

Superior gold

As in the last three tests, Benji Marshall enters the Kiwis game this weekend as if it were his last.

But even though he kept that mentality through the year, tonight's clash against the UK at Christchurch could be his swan.

Marshall will head into halftime for the Kiwi final test of the year, along with returning Shaun Johnson. It is the latest start to a series of matches he could have thought would never get to play after a long absence from the test arena.

Marshall returned to the Kiwis side for the first time in seven years when the side met Tonga in June and has since been selected for each test. Despite being the last Test of the season this weekend, the 34-year-old did not give anything away as to the future of testing.

"I'm hiding myself that I'm still here," Marshall said.

"This week is not about me and whether it's my last [test] or not, it's about what's best for the jumper. We focused on the whole on the ground and put that jersey in a better place. "

The Kiwis will face the UK for the second time in as many weeks as they claimed a four-point win over the visitors last weekend in Auckland. The Kiwis managed to break through the halftime break 2-2 and topped out for a 12-2 lead before surviving a major comeback attempt in the UK to pull away with a 12-8 victory.

Kiwis coach Michael Maguire said his side need to be better than they were last week if they want to end the season at a high level.

"It was the ball kick that determined the one, so we have to be in an improved way to make sure we get the win.

"It's a really important game for us tomorrow."

It will be a different side that runs out in Christchurch. Most notably, Brandon Smith returns to the homepage in jersey number 9 after being last absent for disciplinary reasons.

"There are standards where we live in the jersey and he understands it. Given that depth of what I have with Kodi (Nikori) now, I thought he did a fantastic job so I could get in there.

"It was a big decision to push Kodi to the bench and bring Brandon in. But talking to the older players, I think Brandon is now aware of what we expect in this space and that is about preparing the things we do."

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