Friday , August 6 2021

Owen Wilson refuses to meet her new daughter

He is the father of two of his sons, despite being no longer with their mother.

But a new report suggests that Owen Wilson is determined not to do the same with his newborn Lyla's daughter and that he still has to meet with a child born last month for DailyMail.

The actor "refuses to meet his daughter," said the source for UsMagazine, pointing out that blonde with blond eyes looks just like her father.

"He even checked the court in court in June. He does not want to visit [and does not] wants some custody of her. "

The Wilson representative did not respond to the comment request. Wilson's spokeswoman told us Weekly: "This is a private matter and it's not appropriate to comment further."

Owen leaned from Lyla's mother Varunie Vongsvirates for five years and was subjected to a paternity test.

While allegedly still has to meet with her daughter, Owen is often seen with her sons, seven years old Robert, named after Owen's father and four-year-old Finn.

The star of the wedding enthusiasts greeted Roberta with the then girlfriend Jade Duell, from whom she grew up in 2011.

Finn was born fitness coach Caroline Lindqvist, who was in the process of divorce then husband, plastic surgeon Rita Chopra, when the news about pregnancy became public.

During his performance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his car in 2017, Owen talked about the parents of the first two children.

The proud father, who Robert invokes Robert's middle name Ford, has been talking with love about how little Finn is idolizing his older brother.

"Incredible, I mean, all that Ford says is just like, the most fun thing ever, and I can do and joke, like, crickets. It's like none of these guys.

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