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Penalty raid on the porch & # 39; & quot; verb & quot;

With the rise in online shopping and subsequent ease of home delivery, a new kind of crime emerged at our doorstep.

Often called "pirates on the porch", these opportunistic thieves roam behind courier vans or wandering our streets on bicycles, circling the neighborhood, looking for freshly delivered prey.

Police advise people to protect themselves from " pirate pirates, opportunistic thieves who steal freshly delivered packages from our home doors.


Police advise people to protect themselves from " pirate pirates, opportunistic thieves who steal freshly delivered packages from our home doors.

They are treading us wildly on the garden paths, leaving the stolen land under one hand.

Things he realizes that pirates on the porch are wasting the rewards of our leading courier operators.

* Access to courier homes is part of the push of technology companies
* Fastway staff couriers have recorded client packages
* Kurir drivers are trying to make delivery
* Long days, without a vacation, without rest – courier drivers

Christchurch mother Jaime Belsar said pirates on the porch stole her two-month-old child, Finna, last week.

"They are lower than low," she told the robbers with mailboxes. "I'm a new mom. I bought Finn two pairs of small socks merino online.

"The courier company, Fastway, posted a shipment in my mailbox at 9.11 pm, which showed my car on the driveway so there was no doubt it was delivered but when I left at 9:30 am it was gone. It happened so fast I can not believe that people will steal from baby What the thieves will do with Finn's little socks?

Although the courier expressed sympathy for theft, Finn's legs will soon not wear a merino.

"I signed the government and said that it was okay to leave the parcels. The Kurir company said they were sorry for what happened, but it was not the fault because they provided the photograph."

Belsar said she was in touch with someone who had "lost a wedding ring" in the same way.

"I just ordered a $ 250 new mailbox that is safer and locked," she said.

NZ Post spokeswoman advised clients to contact them via their website as soon as possible if they do not receive the package they expect.

"For security and convenience, we have a range of delivery solutions for our customers, including the ability to plot the land to one of our land plots across the country," the spokesman said. "You can also give us permission to leave your shipment safe every time we deliver something and you are not home."

NZ Post also encouraged people to take steps to protect themselves from theft after delivery, including regular mail cleanup and installation of the alockontheerletterbox.

"If people go, they should think about redirecting their mail or posting their mail."

Things stopped a driver-courier in the midst of ubiquitous deliveries, who said he had his name for the thefts of organized parcels.

"I'd rather call them the verandah robbers and I'm a penny," he said. "In some neighborhoods in Christchurch, this happens more often. Watch your van, you must be careful and aware all the time."

Police spokesman said it was "a timely reminder to people to protect themselves from this type of offense".

The police have advised people to deliver the packs to the place where they will receive them and warn people to "be smart" when packing them, so as not to advertise the fact that you bought a new TV or computer.

"If you have deliveries to your home, make sure you are at home and sign up for them, or have a safe place to leave them," the spokeswoman said.

"If you will not be home when your shipment is delivered, it is best to arrange to pick up the shipment from the warehouse, or to have the package redirected to the address of someone you trust."

If you unexpectedly knock on the front door, pirates on verandas and verandas robbers may ask you to talk to someone who is not at your address.

"Report any suspicious reaction to the police, for example, if you see a car that follows a courier van, or an unexpected visitor knocks on your door, looking for someone you do not know."

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