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Pokemon is no longer a game Freak is number one priority, says programmer

Reliance on a single series is never good, unless that series Call duty. FIFA, or Pokemon, The Japanese developer Game Freak exists since 1989, and since 1996 – when it was released Pokemon red and blue – it is almost exhausted Pokemon games. And he went well for the studio. However, there is more and more priority in creating new games and even the priority of new game projects Pokemon at this time, according to one developer. Speaking to VGC, developer and director of Game Freak Masayuki Onoue discovered that there are two production teams in the studio: one for Pokemon and one for new projects. This allows the team to make a break from the Nintendo series, but becomes an increasingly focus of Japanese study.

Besides Pokemon Team, Onoue says Game Freak has a "Gear Project" team that has recently produced GIGA Wrecker and it works on it Hail (work title).

"There are two different production teams here, simply called Production Team 1 and Production Team 2," said Onoue. Pokemon operation. This means that Game Freak as a company gives priority to the Gear project, which is the production team number one, more than Pokemon generally. We always try to create something that is equally exciting or exciting Pokemon.

According to Onoue, there are many backward and intermittent relationships between the two teams. The director and designer have also pointed out that "Team 1" is a bit more diverse in terms of what it can do because it works on hardware that is not just Nintendo hardware. And from the sounds of this, this development approach makes the Game Freak even more rounded.

"When you work on a developer Pokemon, you are one of many programmers. However, as a director at GIGA Wrecker, my experience has opened my eyes to other aspects of game creation, all the way to the users who played the game, "said Onoue. "It is really hard to expect the developer to have such a perspective, but as a director I learned how to make the game more appealing and accessible to players as well as marketing aspects.

Onoue continued:

"The Gear Project has helped me become more creative. Now I've seen the entire process of creating everything up to marketing and selling gaming players. Now I can bring that knowledge back to Pokemon and try to create something different for Pokemon, This is a good synergy between the Gear Project and Pokemon creation."


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