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Queen Elizabeth II News: What the Queen Eats for Breakfast? | Royal | News

The Queen enjoys a well-planned routine, starting early in the day and following the pattern when it comes to food. As a queen, some might expect to enjoy the sumptuous dining room with expensive ingredients. However, monarch often decides for food available in the average supermarket.

What does the queen have for breakfast?

According to BT, the Queen begins his day with a freshly prepared Earl Gray tea pot without milk or sugar in a bone bones.

This is accompanied by a few biscuits.

Then, after bathing, the queen is served for breakfast that usually includes cereals and fruit.

According to The Telegraph, her grain is an optional Special K, which is stored in a plastic yellow Tupperware because the Queen believes she is holding fresh grains.

Tupperware even delivered to the Queen on her breakfast tray so she could pour her own Special Kself bowl.

While her queen enjoys it cereal Prince Philip likes to listen to his Roberts radio during breakfast which includes two types of marmalade – light and dark – as well as a cardboard yogurt.

The former royal Chef Darren McGrady told Marie Claire: "Breakfast was very easy for Her Majesty.

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"Some Kellogg grains from a plastic container, which would serve some Darjeeling tea."

Kelloggs, Quaker Oats, and Weetabix all have royal orders.

The Royal Order is issued by Royal Family members for products or companies that supply the royal family for more than five years.

British products of high excellence and quality put royal coat of any member of the royal family who assigned it to their packaging.

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This honor is not just given food; clothing merchants, craftsmen and entertainers can also be assigned a warrant.

Among the Royal Warrant brands are luxury chocolate makers Charbonnel et Walker, and Heinz wire products.

Occasionally the queen decides to toast and cook or cook eggs with smoked salmon and truffles.

Although only the brown eggs, according to The Guardian, believe they prefer.

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Every afternoon the queen also takes an afternoon tea, serving sandwiches like cucumbers, smoked salmon, eggs and mayonnaise, or prosciutto and mustard with removed baskets.

It also enjoys in the luscious coins – small apples of raspberries cut into circles of the size of an English penny.

It also comes with McVitie's rich cookies, cakes and cakes – Queen's are favorite honey and cream sponge, ginger, fruit and chocolate cake.

For dinner, the queen often eats filets of beef, game or salmon from Sandringham and Balmoral.

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