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Red Dead Redemption 2 Zombies and aliens are all we need

Red Dead Redemption 2 zombies

Rockstar's Fall Red Dead Redemption 2 it still burns the minds of a terrific fan, the horizon of the game that dominates the giant clouds of fungus, which consists of whistling. Acute attention to the details of the game broke the ground with its turn; a gap in noise that will have other developers building bridges on the cross for the coming years. After we've said that, let's have some secondary greed and let's see what else could be saved.

Let's admit that many of us really want another iteration An immaculate nightmare, kindly departs from the classic horror that he served as Red Dead RedemptionFirst expansion of one player. Rockstar has created a perfect canvas for a terrific masterpiece, and I pray that it cures from it a hellish hell with zombie brains. There might be a case for alien brains as we are on it, but now we are miserable. Allow me to take you to this desired desire to see another great-world horror. Spoilers for An immaculate nightmare forward.


IN An immaculate nightmare, the tragedy struck John Marston on his house, which led to the zombie of his wife, Abigail and his son Jack. After joining them, she went on a quest to find ways to overcome her fatigue. Despite being satirical, it could be argued that Marston had a clear emotional venture to complete his goal, a drive that was passing through the evolving secret that showed the beautiful version of the established characters.

As An immaculate nightmare, there are people for Arthur Morgan to take care of. Twenty-two, more accurately. Arthur and his band would still want their freedom. It is through the troubles that have made kind infantry in their activities beyond the camp that would attract Arthur further into the heart of the new landscape landscapes. RDR2The tough focus on research and discovery would be welcome to any tangled route the Dutchman found.

John Marston discovered Aztec's mask to be the culprit behind the zombie infestation, but only after he followed traces that showed differently. Witchcraft, divine retribution, cultists, and government experiments could easily lead a convincing story, and each point of interest leads Morgan to discover that he is actually aliens guilty of an infection. Imagine building as you go west to discover the remains of a functional home-made house that is high on the ground where Tumbleweed once was in New Austin. Seeing your broken Arthur who was releasing a revolver through untouched technological horrors of another kind would be unhappy. "Everything is fine, boyyyyyy," the broken Arthur constantly mumbling for himself, mowing down the other secular creatures that had dug and bowed his horse.


There are some scary moments RDR2, already. I will not spoil them for those who have not yet discovered the terrible gameplay, but they do exist. My skin crawled many times, and that is RDR2 without a world built for unnatural horror. If the game engine used to create hell of red sunset and dark skies where chaos is governed by biblical scales, there would be little consolation to wildlife excursions, and every game that fills you with a sense of fear just by traveling for a damned job. I hear something lurking at you at night is a cool thing, I promise.

Red Dead Redemption 2 zombies

It would be interesting to see that Rockstar rejects angry marathons that sprinkle zombies in favor of slow, especially because I think they are ready to handle the horde. Their open perspectives are already visible, but I always imagine coming through the crippled, decaying mass of brain servant. I think it might be cool if the desired noise level is based. Too much firearms and you'll get enough zombies in your area to create uninterrupted and sluggish meat sausage with you.

We were treated for Sasquatch and four Apocalypse horses in the Undead Nightmare, as well as other entertaining creatures living in myth. In addition to the inevitable animals without animals, it would be fun for those legendary horses RDR2 to focus on larger American myths. I would like to go to Mothman at some stage or move to the bay of Saint Denis to find the monster island of Honey Island, which require great preparation and decent courage.


What is an open game of Rockstar world without a faction? As I said earlier, there might be catechists, pagan witches, hoping to create powerful elixirs of unhealthy meat, an uprooted resistance that tries to rebuild society, a school of morally questionable inventors climbing the ladder of chaos in the name of science and shadowy government officials who know more than they have allowed. Each faction of purpose comes in direct conflict with each other, allowing some major random encounters across the globe. Did you tell me you did not want to see a cult that was thrilling in the blood like peas to be a snack for the victims so that they could join the collective? What about finding a lab where some sadistic kidnappers trying to create super people with zombie blood? Each of these factions would be able to offer thematical items, weapons, and clothing while communicating with you, so it would not be too crazy to see Arthur Morgan who recorded a charming set of armor and clothing while drinking supernatural elixirs and shooting strangely, the light base, a cult known to the West.


I think it would be meat and potatoes of any subtype of horror that Rockstar decided to use. Empowering your campsite against outdoor fires would be interesting, however delicate as the camp retention remained in the original campaign. Fortresses could offer aesthetic changes, and the other quality of life encourages, but it would not be necessary. Going through bloody soaked plains would be a real job if that was the case. However, given the Rockstar affinity to maintain somewhat realistic survival methods in RDR2What if there is an optional way to survive?

Unlocked after you complete your campaign, you will have the option to run a survival campaign, whose characters will give other survival titles as an identity crisis. You do not have one, twenty-two other lives to watch while you are on the wild. This is where the forts are really important, because every death would be permanent. Imagine Sean suffers from the bites of the infected, giving you the time limit to find or make a cure before it becomes another meaningless bait for you to extricate. His enthusiasm could be worth the trouble, but we look after our Irish colleagues, eh?

It's important that your own death means you have to pack it, partner. But in typical headlines like a horsemanship, it is customary to reward a player to play him in certain parts of the game. RDR2 it could give you the benefits and the objects for both the sign and the camp itself to do it over a number of days, making your next attempt to survive bring some more benefits. It might also be possible to provide wagons as you and your band set for finding new camping sites, some of which may not have been shown in the original campaign. Movement stimulation could be the scattering of both the required stockpiles and weapons. Guns should be distributed accordingly, otherwise camping members are blocked by dumb objects to avoid threatening dangers.

I do not think this would be too ambitious for Rockstar. If anything, he would probably look guilty and say, "Aw, that's sweet," before you throw out the experience that expects everyone's expectations. Regardless of what I want, I just hope to see some form of Rockstar genre bending that manipulates the extravagant world they have created.

But I would love to hear from other people about it. Do you want zombies again, or something different? What features do you think would make a good add-on in potential DLCs? Let me know in the comments.

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