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Serious fire at Dominion Road Restaurant

The restaurant is on fire at Auckland Dominion Rd, in Roskill Mountain.

Emergency services are located at the restaurant location near Caltex Station on Dominion Rd.

A witness passing by the scene described how he saw that the entire roof was on fire.

Caltex's Ankit Vaghela said he was on his way around work when he saw the explosion.

"It's massive. The whole roof was on fire," he said.

Another witness said he could still smell the fire from Kiwite Street in Sandringham.

"Our house is still smoky, so it must have been significant.

“We just went down to look, and there were at least five trucks on the scene that were diverting traffic from the area by police.

"I saw a lamp inside the restaurant while two firefighters used two cranes to bring the fire off the roof," the witness said.

The NZ fire and ambulance was alerted to firing on Dominion Rd around 9:40 pm

A spokesman said sixteen firefighters were working to extinguish the two-story flames.

Dominion Rd between Donald Crescent and Cambrai Avenue is closed as ambulance crews work to remove the flames.

A police spokeswoman said they had been called from FENZ at 9.40pm and were assisting them on the spot.

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