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Staff and councilors talk about the computer illiteracy of the former boss

Former Executive Director of the Council paid $ 6994 a week, but tortured using e-mails, relying on telephone conversation assistants and burning through eight executive assistants in five years.

The leadership of the former executive director of the Taurange City Council, Garry Poole, was thoroughly considered after reports that identified a poor workplace culture as a contribution to several failed projects costing millions of payers.

Poole – whose contract for $ 363,703 a year has not been extended last year – said at that time that he had arrived at the council during a difficult time involving the accelerated growth of Bay of Plenty.

However, the scope of questions within the council emerged after Deputy Chief Executive Marty Grenfell hired consultants to review key projects. Other documents published for Things also depict a picture of dysfunction.

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The councils say Poole, former New Zealand and New York City Council boss, used a paper-based system that was ineffective, relying on dictates and printed emails, and often had phone calls for him.

"He decided to use his executive assistant and other staff to write, email," said Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout. "Garry Poole had problems with computer literacy. It is fair to say that this is uncommon in today's climate."

Councilor Leanne Brown said that Poole's executive assistants were performing out of the job description, which resulted in the team getting burnt or leaving.

Former Executive Director of City Council Taurange, Gary Poole, presented during a hearing on the improvised development of Bella Vista.


Former Executive Director of City Council Taurange, Gary Poole, presented during a hearing on the premature development of Bella Vista.

"I know about the one that lasted only two weeks," she said. "Her understanding of the role was not what she was supposed to be, and part of that worked a lot of his work." He could come out and say, "Can anyone call or call that person on the phone?",

"He has delegated many people, some of whom have prepared e-mails or emails."

Under Poole's supervision, the high profile failed Bella Vista's home development seen homes that went through council inspections later considered to be dangerous, resulting in $ 14.2 million worth of home-paid over $ 4 million stumped up by ratepayers.

The email between Poole and the developer Belly Viste, Danny Cancian, shows that Poole agreed not to cause a conflict of interest to the construction inspector who was assigned as the only contact point for the already developed development, although the inspector had a house built by Cancian,

The agreement between Poole and Cancian's legal team agrees that "no party will cause a conflict". Other emails show staff have expressed concern over the deal, but it is not clear whether they came to Poole.

A member of the construction inspector's team, Patrick Schofield, signed an agreement by mistake.

"We, the Council, are trying to Bell Vista," wrote the edited email address.

Unsuccessful development of Belle Vista on Bulevar Lake, Pyes Pa, Tauranga.


Unsuccessful development of Belle Vista on Bulevar Lake, Pyes Pa, Tauranga.

Other controversial projects include former Phoenix Carpark, an unsuccessful 2.4 million-dollar project that turned the parking area into the Psuedo-Skate Park and upgraded $ 2.4 million to the Greerton Road despite experts claiming it could exacerbate traffic.

And the $ 200,000 spent on overhauling the Kulimski Park has not been anywhere because the consultations have never been completed.

Councilor John Robson says the $ 5.7 million project, which was part of the Heart City Program, designed to take Taurange into the future and lead policy for Pools, was abolished. The documents show that the vast majority of funds spent on consultants, attorneys, and $ 500,000 on office furniture.

"We have nothing to show for the Heart City project," Robson said. "That's the price you pay for management that does not require supervision over the executive director."

Tauranga, Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout.

Matt Shand

Tauranga, Deputy Mayor Kelvin Clout.

Consultant Max Pedersen explores a joint Marine Precinct project with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, which says local fishermen ignored the needs of an independent fleet.

Mayor Greg Brownless said a change needed to take a new lead is needed.

"There seemed to be a lot of projects that went wrong," he said. "The councilors thought it was time to change direction and it was time to correct the basic things."

Mayor of Tauranga Greg Brownless

Matt Shand

Mayor of Tauranga Greg Brownless

Robson says the guilt lies both on elected members and on the mayor's team because Poole was supposed to work for them.

New chief Marty Grenfell said that his phone often rings with builders 'and developers' requests, which is contrary to the standard practice of using a build-up team.

"It basically shows that something has broken if people know how to go to elected members or executive directors to ask questions and ask for things to be resolved," he said. "I never saw that this happened in my service."

Grenfell promised to change the community in Tauranga.

Poole replied to the questions: "Hi … Run your story, then I will consider your options." Garry Poole. "

Mayor of Tauranga Greg Brownless says change is needed.


Mayor of Tauranga Greg Brownless says change is needed.

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