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Starbreeze sells the right Shock 3 rights to OtherSide

Concerned Starbreeze publisher will no longer be associated with upcoming System Shock 3 because they have sold rights to game developers OtherSide Entertainment. The publisher announced that "Starbreeze expects to fully compensate for the company's costs associated with game development." Both companies have recently had their share of the problem, and Starbreeze filed an administration request and was investigated for trading on the basis of preferential information. The other side is occupied by the extinction of the fires caused by the catastrophic launch of the Ascendant underground.

Although one potential silver line of this news game is no longer tied to a publisher who may be faced with bankruptcy, I can not imagine it being a cheap move for OtherSide. Starbreeze apparently invested $ 12 million in the development of Shock 3, and they say they are "fully compensated". Although I would like to remain optimistic, I can not help but feel that Shodan's future might be in danger again. All this is totally unrelated to the remake of the original Shock system from the Night Dive system that was restarted and restarted, despite a tiny budget.

Mikael Nermark, Executive Director of Starbreeze, at least sounds vaguely positive about changing the license, saying, "I believe this is the best solution for us, although sad that we can not finish the project with OtherSide." System Shock 3 is a fantastic title developed in conjunction with industrial legend Warren Spektor and I'm looking forward to the release of the game. "I wonder what the next move by the publisher, especially what they still hold the right release for the upcoming and finely crafted Psychonauts 2 Double Fine.

Since Starbreeze obviously completely scratches the hands of System Shock 3, I hope OtherSide will either find another publisher and investor, or else end up producing the game itself. Fortunately, System Shock 3 team is separated from the Underworld Ascendant crew, claims OtherSide community manager. Still, it's hard not to worry because everything we've seen in the System Shock 3 system ever had some early concept (thanks, IGN), and the last post in blog development was a brief update in May 2017. somehow.

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