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The Harry Styles tattoo singer explains why he did it

Singer Kiwi who wrote the headlines for her tattoo with Harry Styles says she simply "carries her heart on her cheek".

Kelsy Karter, who was born in Stone, but headquartered in Australia, talked with local radio about her decision to gain the controversial tattoo of her pop idol.

The tattoo is the One Direction star's face with his initials in the heart and occupies prominent real estate on Karter's right cheek.

Explaining why he did this, Karter said, "I'm a big fan of Harry and I'm not afraid to say that. Frankly, I do not really know how to do anything."

She continued: "I just wear my heart on my cheek, and I could not really control where it was going from."

Carter, who was a musician himself, shocked her followers with a new tattoo that she published on social media at the weekend.

She wrote with the footage: "I finally know what I get from Harry for his birthday … Mom, look what I did." reported that Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste took credit for the job.

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