Saturday , January 23 2021

The New Warhol exhibition depicts a complete picture of the legacy of the artist

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Per Adam Reiss

Andy Warhol will soon get another 15 minutes of glory.

An artist's retrospective, whose pop-art class includes Campbell's soup pictures and Brillo box and Marilyn Monroe silkscreens, opens Monday night at the Whitney New York Museum of American Art – the largest show of Warhol's work in nearly 30 years.

"Andy Warhol of A to B and Back" shows his fruitful journey that brings together 360 works that represent the period in art history and still resemble decades later.

"In his work, something that speaks to our contemporary culture," said Donna DeSalvo, deputy director of Whitney and senior curator who met the artist in 1986. "In Warhol's work the word is mysterious and it's not easy to know what's going on."

New York Times reporter Robin Pogrebin said the Whitney show, the largest Warhol retrospective from the 1989 celebrated Museum of Modern Art, was a good look at how much the artist changed his field.

The visitor looks at Andy Warhol
The guest finds Andy Warhol's "Flowers" (1964) at a new show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.Adam Reiss / NBC News

"Warhol has raised traditional definitions of what makes art, including its early professional commercial design experience, changing the way we look at everyday things like a soup or a soap box, roughly accepting the celebrity and incorporating political issues like AIDS and death penalties, "NBC News said.

The massacre added that the new exhibition also gives a rare "window in its early years, when it has just begun to experiment with its shape."

Warhol began his career as a commercial illustrator, and his early works experimenting with markers and matrices are on display. He used these techniques to art before he hit a topic that has mass appeal.

Warhol, who died in 1987 in the 58th, became a successful and highly paid commercial illustrator in New York before he began to create art for the galleries. He built a thriving career, and his clients included companies ranging from CBS and NBC to Ciba Pharmaceuticals and Martini and Rossi.

His work at his studio in New York, the Factory, was revolutionary. Warhol reinvents how we are thinking of painting using a silk screen as a brush in his scenes by Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley.

"Contemporary art, as he defined, meant that everything was fair play, from fame to southern cans to electric chairs," Pogrebin said.

Self Portrait of Artist Andy Warhol.
Self Portrait of Artist Andy Warhol.Courtesy of Whitney Museum of American Art

Leslie Davies Museum said, "It was original, took everyday things and brought them to a new level, things that are in your store are suddenly on your walls."

Warhol also made over 650 movies, including hundreds of silent tests on the screen. Short films and screen tests at Whitney are fascinating to see how his friends, including male Edie Sedgwick, pose for dancing and creating camera faces.

His career has gone through four decades, his opus is enormous and this show brings works that cover his entire career. It has produced thousands of commercial illustrations, paintings, drawings, graphics, photographs, sculptures, magazines, movies, videos and more. The treasure book ends with his paintings "Rorschach," a giant Mao picture, his collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat and "Camouflage" in 1986.

"It's too much to absorb," said visitor Eileen Rhulen, who has his own Warhol at home. "He was an incredible figure, how he did what he did with such a thought, but he looks so simple."

The show will last until March, before moving to San Francisco and Chicago.

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