Wednesday , June 23 2021

Tyrone Peachey landed on the Gold Coast

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TRYONE Peachey finally arrived at Gold Coast after several months of speculation about whether to honor the Titan contract in 2019.

Peachey has officially landed in his new home this week and is ready to begin preparations for the 2019 season with Titans.

Speaking at the Central League rankings, the Phil Rothfield Daily Telegraph confirmed the arrival of the super-star.

"I can tell our viewers that he arrived on Gold Coast on Tuesday, he rented an apartment in Palm Beach, and the Macedonian truck came with all his gears," Rothfield said.

media_cameraPeachey landed on the Gold Coast. Photo Mark Kolbe / Getty Images.

"The Titans know that he is in the city and there he will honor his great money contract."

The uncertainty surrounding Peachey's future was a consequence of the financial problems encountered within the Gold Coast deal.

Former Panther was contracted with the Titans for a three-year deal worth about $ 1.5 million.

"They were still talking about financial issues to solve what might be right," Rothfield said.

"But he's definitely on the shore, he's gonna play there and get started with the fact that Mal Mening has joined the club."

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Peachey played under Mening during recent matches at Kangaroos Testa against New Zealand and Tonga.

It is believed Peachey wants to work closely with Mening in Titan in an attempt to raise his position in the Kangaroo.

"He thinks he'll only come to help him make the next step to make 17 Kangora," Rothfield said.

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