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U2 fans stranded on Dunedin as flights were canceled

U2 fans remained stranded in Dunedin after the cancellation of a New Air Zealand flight.

NZME Television's Melanie Homer tweeted saying she was sorry for the people who canceled the flight, who had settled in Auckland for U2.

"For me, it's just another night on Dunedin, with the added bonus of traveling to St. Clair to watch them wave, it means a lot more to them," Homer said.

The New Zealand flight NZ674 from Dunedin to Auckland, due to take off at 4.45pm, was canceled – along with flight NZ5074 from Nelson to Auckland, scheduled to depart at 4.15pm.

messenger asked New Zealand for comment on why the flight was canceled and how the passengers were compensated and are yet to respond.

Meanwhile, one fan who caught U2 rocking the stage last night is frustrated with having to shell out $ 720 after Jetstar pulled pins on his partner this afternoon and flew home to Palmerston North.

"It was only this afternoon that we received information at about 1.30pm stating that the flight had been canceled without explanation and limited options," said Adrian, who did not want to give his full name.

Jetstar will return the $ 89 ticket in two days, and he will receive $ 130 for accommodation, he was told.

"Good luck trying to get accommodation in Auckland while U2 is in town."

He said he asked if I could fly to Wellington and then take the bus to Palmerston North, but was told it was not an option.

"So we spent $ 720 on tickets with Air New Zealand and then we got to the airport and I heard people offering to fly to Wellington and other alternate routes which is really annoying."

A Jetstar spokesman confirmed that four regional services were canceled today after one of its Q300 aircraft required a spare part to arrive in Auckland after a maintenance check.

"Customers were offered a full refund or the opportunity to move on to the next available service, as well as vouchers for accommodation and meals.

“For those traveling to New Plymouth, the opportunity to fly to Wellington was also provided, followed by an organized bus.

"We apologize to customers for the pitfall between the options available through live chat versus check-in."

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