Saturday , June 19 2021

Whincup promises to do everything SVG can win

Jamie Whincup says he will do everything he can to help Shane van Gisbergen win the Supercars championship this weekend.

And he did not rule out a controversial team order.

Ford fans were frantic when Whincup, who dropped out of the title, dramatically slowed down in the last round in Auckland, allowing outside Gisbergen to pass and finish second.

The result was limited by Scott McLaughlin's Scott McLaughlin bomber running out of Gisbergen to only 14 points to go to the final round of this weekend in Newcastle, providing the nearest title race in the decade.

The Red Bull Racing team claims that their Whincup driver was simply fleeing from Auckland's fuel but the social media turned to vanishing because of what they thought were clear team orders, prompting official investigation.

RBRs were later deleted with officials claiming that team orders were legal.

While Whincup denied that he had followed the team's orders, he promised to do all he could to help the RBR team out of Gisbergen's claims that the second Supercars title.

"What happened in New Zealand, I was struggling to race and we did not win, unfortunately, car 17 (McLaughlin) did us in the strategy," he told AAP.

"The only thing I can do this weekend is to go out with the leaders and try to win the race.

"At the same time, we do all we can to help the 97 (van Gisbergen) car get as many points as I can.

"I certainly will not do anything undesirable to any other team or driver.

"It's not the way we're playing. We're going out and running hard and fair and doing everything we can to get maximum points."

The seventy-year-old Whincup champion is in a rare situation that he is not in the title match before the final round.

It is far from 12 months ago when Whincup won the record seventh Supercars title when he scored McLaughlin in Newcastle.

Whincup is third in the 2018 championship, just 58 points ahead of Supercars' great Craig Lowndes, who will eventually win as a full driver.

"I'm a little disappointed that we did not come to the final round, but I was long enough to know that you can not beat them all together," said Whincup.

"But we are the third in the championship to fight Lowndesy for the last place on the winning podium in the championship.

"I want to make sure I finish well for a year."

The practice begins on Friday with 95 races on Saturday and Sunday.

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