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542 heart disease in Norway in the last 24 hours – new record of infection in Oslo – PRC Norway – View news from different parts of the country

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– We are concerned about the increase in the infection rate, especially because of what we now see in Oslo and Viken, says FHI Director Camilla Stoltenberg for the PRC.


FHI Director, Camilla Stoltenberg.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / Ole Berg-Rusten

He says the rise is likely linked to a widespread version of the English virus.

– It went very fast, as in many other countries. It is harder to be sure that we can bring it down by the usual measures, i.e., testing, isolation, infection detection, and quarantine.

Stoltenberg says in return those measures are more important than ever.

– And it is also to think through how many people you see, keep your distance and do most things with others outdoors.

Stoltenberg says the FHI and the Norwegian Health Authority are closely monitoring the situation in Oslo. He will meet with the Oslo City Council all Saturday to discuss measures in the capital.

Tighten measures in Oslo

On Sunday, Oslo City Council will hold a press conference on the infection situation in the capital.

City councilor Raymond Johansen (A) confirmed to Avisi Oslo on Friday night that he would tighten up. The type of measure in question is not yet known, but Johansen says he will try to protect children and young people.

raymond johansen

Oslo City Councilor, Raymond Johansen (A)

Photo: Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk / Heidi Fjørtoft Klokk

– As the situation is now, the city council sees no other way but to sharpen the social closure of Oslo, says Johansen.

He says the city council will look into the weekend over which measures will be tightened and whether new measures will be introduced. The assessments will be carried out in close cooperation with the national health authorities.


Health councilor Robert Steen (A) is asking all city residents returning home from the winter holidays elsewhere to get tested.

He said on Friday afternoon that there are mainly three reasons why the number of registered infected is increasing in Oslo:

  • Many are in Oslo being tested during the day, positively, we are discovering more infections.
  • The new mutated virus in Oslo accounts for more than 20 percent of cases. It spreads faster and is serious.
  • The winter holidays meant that some groups had a more relaxed attitude toward infection control rules. That behavior needs to change.

He also believes that there are psychological factors in the picture.

Robert Steen

Oslo Health Council, Robert Steen (A)

Photo: Olav Juven / PRC

– We were in the period of vaccination of the elderly. Vaccination of larger groups will begin in the not too distant future and plans will begin to be presented on how society can be reopened. Maybe it had a psychological effect and made someone start shrugging, Steen says.

No wonder

Health Director Bjørn Guldvog told the PRC on Friday that developments were not surprising. The reason is that mutated versions of the virus that spread more easily are becoming more dominant.

– They’re more contagious. That means every individual who becomes infected becomes more and harder to reduce the outbreak of the epidemic, Guldvog said Friday night.

2457 infected this week

On a national basis, a total of 2457 new cases of the infection have been registered in Norway in the last seven days.

On Saturday night at midnight, a total of 70,564 coronases have been registered in this country since the onset of the disease a year ago. Preliminary FHI data show this.

93 patients with the corona were hospitalized on Friday. There is one more than the day before.

Most infected in Stowner County

Oslo, Stovner County, has the highest pressure of infection. In the last two weeks, there are now 420 infected per 100,000 inhabitants. Alna County has second place with 393 and Grorud third place with 360 infected per 100,000.

Raymond Johansen and Robert Steen.

City Health Councilor Robert Steen and City Councilor Raymond Johansen are announcing tougher measures in Oslo.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum

The lowest infectious pressure was found in Ullern and Nordre Aker with 130 and 131 infected per 100,000.

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