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– A little bad taste – VG

WORLD LINKS: Eliud Kipchoge (34) set an official world record with 2.01.39 in Berlin a year ago. Kenyans will try to run just over 42 kilometers in two hours on Saturday at Prater Park in Vienna. Photo by Fabrizio Bensch / X90145

Jack Waitz, 71, is pretty sure world record holder Eliud Kipchoge, 34, will raise the two-hour limit at the Vienna Marathon on Saturday. But he wanted it to happen officially, without the special help of "rabbits" like the Ingebrigtsen brothers.

– I look forward to it, but at the same time it tastes a little bad in my mouth. It will always be a footnote behind the times, if he can do it. When so much money is spent on it, they could just as well adapt the plan with the runners around it according to the regulations, according to PRC coach and expert commentator Jack Waitz.

Jack Waitz points out that a record attempt by Eliud Kipchoge in the Austrian capital on Saturday morning is not considered an official race. If the Kenyan finishes in less than two hours, his 2.01.39 from the Berlin Marathon last September will be the official world record.

The father of Kipchoga's three children stresses that he wants to show that there is no limit to man. If less than two hours are completed on Saturday morning (start time is set at 5am to 9am), it will compare the "landing to the moon" performance.

Kipchoge was 25 seconds away from running under two hours in a similar "stunt" on Formula One track in Monza, Italy two years ago. Then it happened under the guidance of shoe maker Nike.

The richest man in England, Jim Ratcliffe, 61, arrived in Vienna. Owner of chemical giant Ineos will be good for several hundred billion crowns. Now he has taken advantage little on "The Challenge of Ineos 1:59." He is assisted by Sir Ratcliffe and the staff of organizers behind the London Marathon who provide convenience and organization.

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According to the Daily Nation, Kipchoge was flown from Eldoret to Vienna by Ratcliffe private jet Gulfstream G280 on Tuesday.

Jacob, Philip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen are three of 41 cruisers – or "rabbits" – under contract with Nike to ensure that Nike-sponsored Eliud Kipchoge manages to keep the pace at 42,195 meters. That's 21 miles an hour, two hours.

The Ingebrigtsen brothers are expected to run approximately five kilometers within 9.6 kilometers of Prater Park.

– There is no guarantee that the record will be broken. But I think he's good enough for that, under the conditions that have been reported, says Jack Waitz given Kipchoge's form, recent record improvement and weather for Vienna.

Kipchoge has lowered his personal (official) marathon record by two minutes since arriving at the Monza Trail in Milan on May 6, 2017 at 2.00.24.

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Jack Waitz on the left, here with the best marathon runner in Norway's Sondre Norstad Moen in 2016. Photo by Mattis Sandblad

With that comes all that will be done for him:

The car in front of him will be constantly "slapped". The car-mounted time display will work exactly like this: Wind screen. Runners who will always run alongside Kipchoge will provide him with time-effective "protection" – as is seen in cycling.

Kipchoge will get drinks and food for motorcycles (not allowed on official races), and the laser lights from the van will constantly – at a point – indicate where the optimum speed is to be driven, and what we determine where the rabbits should go.

– That can be equal to 90 seconds, because he's behind the record. I'm sure of that, says Jack Waitz, referring to Kipchoge's official world record and "record" – which could be set in what Waitz describes as a distant cry from official racing.

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– It's like sequins. But I wouldn’t say it’s one hundred percent nonsense and I won’t watch it. I wonder how fast he can run and maybe this opens the border, as has happened in many other exercises. It can take less than two hours, Jack Waitz says.

He points out that Kenenisa Bekele, 37, was three seconds ago from wiping out the Kiochoge World Record in the Berlin Marathon (2.01.41) without being in top form and reportedly having a knee problem.

P.S! Eliud Kipchoge broke through internationally, winning the 5000m at the 12.52.79 World Cup in Paris 16 years ago, as an 18-year-old (we speculate in international athletics, consider him a little older). With the exception, he won all 12 marathons he started. Three years ago, he won Olympic gold at the Rio de Janeiro Marathon.

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