Sunday , February 28 2021

Anniken Hauglie: – Absolutely unacceptable that Nav users lost their revenue

"It is completely unacceptable for Nav users to lose their earnings without prior notice and without processing their applications before the money was stopped. We will not have that," says Anniken Hauglie, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

On Wednesday, Dagsavisen wrote about Kathrine Amdal Tjensvoll (27) who lost all of his income without notice or decision of Nav. She is one of the many who have experienced this after the government has tightened the rules for receiving work permits (AAP). The changes to the rules came into force on 1 January this year. Then the period used decreased from four to three years. Conditions for receiving AAP are also sharpened. In addition, a two-year limit was set for how long the period could be extended with AAP.

Tjensvoll said he was tremendous effort for the family when he lost his income for several months. Nav justified the loss of income that should assess whether the conditions for disability insurance are met. Elisabeth Thoresen, former Navy lawyer, was strongly involved in these cases.

"What happened to Kathrine is a direct consequence of the new AAP regulation, which, with the old system, would have a prolongation as Nav ended it." We never had such questions before the amendments came into force One case must be completed two months before the decision it's over, said Thoresen.

He believes that Nav violates the Law on Public Administration.

– For some, the decision came a few months after the payment stopped. It's illegal. AAP recipients lose the legal certainty of this practice.

Nav complained that some lost their income before being assessed as extending AAP, but returned to talk of a misdemeanor.

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– Correct

Anniken Hauglie says she caught the case when she was informed that there was a "plug in the case".

"Those affected are supposed to know that Nav puts all the rags in place to fix it, and I'm worried that Nav users will be taken care of in the best possible way, and I've recently been convinced that the scope of the problems has not been resolved down the road.

Hauglie clearly shows that users "can reasonably be expected to receive a response from Nav". According to Hauglie, about 500 people speak.

"Everyone is serious and the numbers are dropping as fast as possible."

Hauglie says the government has changed the AAP scheme to ensure closer monitoring, more orientation to work and faster case clarification.

"The goal was and will need more at work The old scheme did not work well enough There were too many people who had worked for years for job compensation without clarifying their work ability Only one in five returned to work without any benefit .

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Strong reactions

The Labor Party strongly opposed regulatory changes. Lise Christoffersen, who worked at the Labor and Social Committee, Storting for the Labor Party, strongly responds on Wednesday in Dagsavisen.

– This is completely hopeless. You can not deal with people like that. Now the minister must ensure that the necessary measures are taken.

It points out that it is the right, the frp and the left, who gave the bulk of the tightening of regulations.

Christoffersen still believes that it is totally wrong to shorten the benefit period of four to three years.

"It does not make sense that people go years to the AAP, and the goal must be that everyone has to get rid of work and disability faster than what is happening today, but in practice it takes more time than the government has added. have not completed the clarification, and many will be in a situation where financial assistance will be the only option, says Christoffersen.

SV also strongly responded to what is stated in this case. Solfrid Lerbrekk, representative of SV in the Employment and Social Policy Committee of Storting, sent a written letter to the Minister of Labor Wednesday, asking:

"What will the Minister do to ensure that people who are assessed for disability benefits will not be left without income when the maturity of employment fees is reached and will the minister ensure that the AAP makes any decision on disability insurance?"

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