Friday , February 26 2021

Anxiety delivery also for e-Niro


POPULARLY: Chief of Kia Irene Solstad can say a very long list of reserved e-Niro holders. (Photo: Morten Abrahamsen / NTB /)


FILLING THE LUG: The charging jack in e-Niro is the place where you can find a grill on Niro-based hybrid power. (Photo: Morten Abrahamsen / NTB /)

Kia's new electric car, the e-Niro, has a good range and a relatively low price. So it becomes problematic popular.

"This is a car that many are waiting for," says Irena Solstad, CEO of Kia Bil Norge, for the first time showing an electric car Kia e-Niro in Norway.

Something in it. From today, they have 6250 who have paid 7777 kronor to be on the list of reservations.

Solstad can also reveal the Norwegian prize, which will be 377,400 kroner for the top version – the first 1000 edition of the car.

E-Niro has 451 liters of luggage larger than Golf, and Kia's representatives say it is significantly larger than Hyundai's electric car Kona, which has many of the same techniques. It will also defend a higher price.

But e-Niro faces the same problems as Kona, and even more electric cars in front of them, ie the relationship between demand and delivery rates in Norway.

"Before the new year will be 100 cars, which will be available to dealers as demobilists, and then we will begin delivering customers over the new year," says Solstad.

It will take time

The importer expects next year to collect a total of 2000 vehicles.

"If you are on the list now, you will probably get your car up to 2020," she says.

The 64 kWh battery gives the car a range of 48.5 miles in a relatively real WLTP cycle.

Solstad did not hide the fact that he wanted to get more concrete information from the factory, but it seemed tough. At the same time, he said Norway was an important country for deliveries.

"We are one of the four priority countries, together with France, Sweden and the Netherlands, and these are the only countries that launched this year's model.

Currently, e-Niro is not supplied with a hanger attachment. It will be tested in winter and can come after some time.

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