Sunday , May 16 2021

– Apple knew it was a problem – MacBooks was selling with this flaw anyway

Butterfly buttons in MacBooks that were introduced in 2016 were a real nuisance for consumers, and now for Apple as well.

“Flexgate” isn’t a mass lawsuit yet, but it can be

They weren’t very good for typing, and it only took a few grains of sand to create key problems. Now Apple is suing the keyboard en masse after a judge believes Apple knew what they were doing, which in turn means the lawsuit can continue in the system. It happened in March, but there is more.

For now, another problem that these machines could experience is being sued, namely uneven keyboard lighting due to cable failures.

The judge gives the green light – nine people are suing individually

“The court finds that allegations of prior testing combined with allegations of significant customer complaints are sufficient to show that Apple was aware of the alleged error,” said the judge, who allowed the proceedings to continue.

The problem was revealed by iFixit: Apple used a thinner cable in the affected models.

Apple does not deny that they even deleted posts on their official support forum in which they complained about the problem. The company itself claims this has nothing to do with the case, but the judge disagrees and believes it could steer it in the direction that Apple knew the design was too weak.

Apple quietly replaced these parts altogether, then launched a free repair program.


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