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Bergensavisen – free vaccine in November

It broke out at the national level when it seemed that more than 18,000 HPV vaccines would have to be destroyed, enough to vaccinate 6,000 people.

The reason is that the state has concluded an agreement with a new vaccine producer from autumn. Since the agreement with the old manufacturer allowed only the doses to be used in the childhood vaccination program, and young people in the fall receive a new vaccine while the rest are exposed to the risk of leakage.

HPV easily infects sexual contact and can lead to cancer (see the fact box at the bottom).

The vaccine is now included in the baby's vaccination program for boys and girls. Additionally, all women born in 1991 or later can get a free vaccine if the first dose by the end of December this year.

Additional vulnerable groups

This summer the state, the Norwegian public health institute and the drug manufacturer agreed that extra doses could be used at other vulnerable groups.

In October, Bergen Municipality found a bid for addicts, sex-selling men and men, born in 1991 or later, who have sex with men.

"We were in Strax House and MO centers to provide women in vulnerable environments. They have bad advice and are more prone to infection, says Agnes Giertsen, a nurse at Engen Health Center and a lecturer at Høgskolen på vestlandet (HVL) at BA.

The vaccine is offered at the smittevern clock. In addition, the Health Center for Young People and Students has a tender offer for men who have four on Thursdays from 10 to 14 years.

– Vaccination expires on the day of summer so you have to get the first three doses by the end of November. There are still many unused vaccines, so it's urgent to get it, "says Giertsen.

– Know how to save lives

300 meals were ordered on the meadow.

– This is the first time, first to serve the principle. These vulnerable groups receive free vaccines until the stock is empty, emphasizes Giertsen.

This autumn, a group of HVL nurses students had an eighth project to spread the vaccine message to relevant groups.

"I noticed there were a lot more young men who wanted the vaccine here in the last few weeks. Everyone said they saw data on campuses so students did a good job, says the nurse.

"If I get a vaccine, I'll ask him to spread the message further, so we come to the largest possible groups in the groups we want to reach, so it's incredibly precious that someone comes here.

Even if you have not received the first dose within a given period, you can get two doses free of charge.

– All doses are important. One dose is protected, well protected with two and protected for life with wood, "says Giertsen, concluding:

"And socioeconomic and personal, the gain is enormous. We know that we are saving lives.

HPV facts

There are many different types of human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus easily infects sexual contact.

HPV can lead to cancer. The most common cervical cancer is, but HPV also causes rectal, mouth and throat cancer of both sexes, skin cancer and external genital organs in women, as well as men in the penis.

HPV causes more than 100 cases of cancer in men every year. The incidence of cancer in the mouth and throat among males grows.

In Norway, HPV infection causes each year:

About 10,000 women were diagnosed with mild cellular changes

About 3,000 women have severe cellular changes and need to remove some cervix

About 300 women get cervical cancer

About 300 cases of other cancers in men and women

About 70 women die of cervical cancer

1 out of 10 Norwegian women and men receive genital warts before 45 years of age.

Source: Public Health Institute / Cancer Society

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