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– Blåektet watch a shocking episode on TV

The re-episode "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", which is broadcast on TV 2 and their streaming service, has quickly managed to record the recordings. Finally, the scandal hit in April when it became known that Tristan Thompson, 27, was unfaithful, appeared on television and discussed with his sister.

As is well known, several basketball star videos have appeared in intimate situations with women who are not Khloé Kardashian (34), as they expected children at the time. Fans fancied Tristan, and the Kardashian clan was not particularly gentle or discouraged either.

They have been silent about the noise for a long time, and only in an episode that has shown that most of the current events have become known. Even Khloe and Tristan, who today have the opportunity to change something if they are not content with the episode content.

BLOG: Tristian and Khloe, together shot in 2016, had a very turbulent relationship. It is better not to distract Tristian from the scandal of unbelief. Photo: Splash News / NTB scanpix
deny everything: Tristian and Khloe, photographed here in 2016, had a very rough relationship. It is better not to distract Tristian from the scandal of unbelief. Photo: Splash News / NTB scanpix
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– Banknotes no

Both of us, according to the magazine Us, had the opportunity to see the episode, prepare for what is coming and report any kind of overthrow. She only selected one of them, according to sources close to the star.

"He had already seen the episode before he appeared on the screen and wondered if Tristan wanted to see it with it. The answer was no money, claiming that the source of the situation continued:

– He focuses on basketball, and his Cavaliers team is fighting this season. This has just created even more trouble and has had no need.

When the episode was shown in the US on Sunday night local time, there were many millions of people.

Twitret about episodes

Khloé decided to see her again as she wrote openly on Twitter about how to deal with it – now and then. When the fan asked if Tristan saw the episode, she replied, "Really should."

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This message of Khloe predicted Tristan, according to the source.

– He saw it come because it usually responds. It's Tristan's hope to make them between remains private, the source says, and continues:

"He is, however, fully aware of what he means for his career to emerge from Kardashian. This is something he expressed concerns about his friends in the last period, concludes the source.

He was happy

Bearing in mind the scandal with disbelief, Khloé Kardashian was only admitted to the parental department just two days later, where she was born into a true daughter.

The episode showed that the youngest sister, 34-year-old, Kylie Jenner, 21, told her the shocking news of Tristan's jump.

Kylie gave a scandal.

"Nobody had the courage to say to Khloe because it was only a few days from birth. We did not want to emphasize her, but we knew that was right, so I told Khloe, I admitted 21-year-old.

As the new episode was broadcast, Khloé responded to numerous questions from fans. She found, among other things, how she reacted herself and there.

Thank you, God, for Cleveland there was no camera around me. I'm not going to write what I did, but let's say I was lucky I was nine months on my way, she wrote.

– Glory, my heart kills me. It is ill as the feelings never lose. It can be forgiven, but forgetting is never possible, she continued.

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Focus on the Truth

The star of the star also wrote that he was strongly responsive to the return of a shocking event and that he almost became furious because of "re-experiencing" everything.

Many wondered why Khloe Kardashian decided to allow Thompson to participate in the birth of the Truth just a few days after the scandal of unbelief.

She just decided to answer.

"I wanted to have a good birth experience for my own part, and for the memories that I will share with True when I grow up. I want to have videos and pictures of her daddy there while he is holding, and so on. I want her to know she is loved and that she is my luck. Babies feel energy, she wrote.

Further, the 34-year-old, who repeatedly claimed that she wanted children long, explained that she had been expecting her mother for years. When she looks at the scandal, she is still shocked that this can happen to her. At the same time he is very proud of how he solved the situation.

"The truth gave me the peace and strength I need," she wrote.

– Good and bad

In front of the new episode, Kardashian wrote a longer post on Instagram to be embarrassed and emotional to see.

"When we joined this program ten years ago, we joined the program for reality, which means showing you the inner part of our life, good, bad, ugly. The revival of these moments is incredibly difficult emotionally, but I hope we will with every trace and every challenge that life gives us, we learn all of our paths, wrote it and continued:

"In the midst of the difficult times I was blessed with the ultimate gift, my angel who changed my life in a way I could not imagine. Remember, you're never alone with pain, she explained.

In the comment field, the government is proud of the 34-year-old. With more than 81.7 million followers at Instagram, many are impressed by the way they face the scandal.

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