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Bus driver a few seconds from the start: – Pig

If I was four, five seconds later, I did not sit here. I had pork flakes.

That says the bus driver Steinar Maråker Dagbladet the day after the bus that ran to Geiranger was near to take off from the avalanche.

An experienced bus driver who drives for Nettbuss and who was previously elected a representative twice a day leads the current section next to Grande in Geiranger.

He tells Dagbladet that he always looks a bit worse at the top when he has a lot of snow. Maråker lives in the area and says he is "used to landslides".

But yesterday he did not see the landslide until it was too late.

– Just white

It was first in the mirrors, immediately after he passed the racing place, noticed the odr.

I looked into the mirror and it was just white. Even if you look at the mountains, you are coming so fast that you do not have the chance to escape if something happens, the bus driver says.

- OPENING: The bus driver Steinar Maråker believes he had
– GRISEFLAKS: Coach driver Steinar Maråker believes he had "pigs" who avoided yesterday's avalanche at Geiranger. Photo: Private
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Maråker says there were no passengers on the bus.

– Luckily, I was alone.

Although he and the rest of the area in winter are used to landslides, he describes this winter as a little special.

– There's been so much snow at one time, and many landslides have disappeared.

– Be nervous

The police received a notice of landslide Wednesday afternoon at 16.09. There were several accident witnesses, including Martha Homlong, whom Dagbladet had talked yesterday.

He also recorded almost an accident.

"You heard the video we were nervous," Homlong told Dagbladet.

He was on tour with his coexistence and his daughter when he saw landslides. Then he began to record and then he saw the bus.

"If the landslide went faster, the bus did not have the opportunity," Homlong said.

He worked in the fire station and then went to the racing place to secure and block the road.

Great avalanche

It has not been more than two weeks since Geiranger was a bigger race. The race was wide about 100 meters and 5 meters high, and Geiranger crossed County Road 63 in Grandenes.

As a result of the race, the village was almost completely isolated. To get out, the boat had to be used.

Yesterday's race was "relatively small," the Maråker bus driver said. He estimates that the width was seven to eight feet.

Further, it describes the road as exposed.

"If you have to make the road safe, you have to make a tunnel," he says.

Geiranger The main rescue center in southern Norway reported about 15 o'clock on the avalanche of Fylkesvej 63 in Geiranger. The police also state that the landslide is approx. 100 meters wide and 5 meters high. Video: Sander Mossberg Hjelle
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