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Compares Opdal with brandy: – It's like XO times three

MOLDE (VG) (Molde – Fire 1-1) Firefighter Lars Arne Nilsen was very pleased with one point in Molde, especially with his 37-year-old goalkeeper Håkon Opdalom.

– It's getting better and better than the older one. He's a good old vintage. This is XO (rakija) times three, says coach Branko Larne Arne Nilsen about his guard Håkon Opdalu for VG.

Thirty-two year-olds delivered several classroom lectures, three times received metal help, Molde burned a penalty, and eventually saved a point from the markers.

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Nilsen admits that Opdal was surprised by his arrival at Bergen.

– He's faster and faster than I thought. Safe and peaceful, and peace that spreads to the rest of the team, praises the firefighter.

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– I'm in great shape

Sam Opdal relies on a smile band when VG faces Nilsen's statement that he is surprised by the ability to respond.

– No, okay? Anyway, he knows, the 37-year-old is spreading widely.

Opdal was also very good at Lillestrom in the last round, and he thinks he is in very good shape.

– It's OK. There is, he laughs and adds:

– Today I have a lot of work, and as a guard is not stupid. It can be called that I played a bit well. But I feel in great shape.


During the break, coach Lars Arne Nilsen made a switch. Taijo Teniste came out and Gilli Rolantsson came in. The 26-year-old is marked after only 13 minutes on the field. But not insulting. The hill fell to the Ohien box, and Molde got a penalty kick. Fredrik Aursnes went down the touchline, but he chatted it in shortly and turn off to the keeper.

Only two minutes later, she fell to the other end. After a long ball shot through the middle, Moldes put in a good effort on the right, but Ruben Yttergårda Jenssen put the ball right into the net.

Immediately before Molda's punishment, Aursnes and James were standing and discussing who would take the punishment.

"Actually I was supposed to take it, but he asked me if I could, and then I said yes. Fredrik is good at punishment, so he just missed luck this time, says James after the end.

"And there is"

In addition to the rounds, a few players from Molde became increasingly abandoned. They were pushed for equalization, and after 83 minutes they were paid for pressure. Ohi was once again taken into the box, but this time Bismar Acosta. Leke James took the ball in the ball and raised the ball to the right wing. "And there it was," he broke the lighter speaker at the stadium, and Molde's camp could roll for 1-1 to seven minutes plus extra time.

– It was good. I feel in good shape, and then it's nice to stick. But today I think most of it was hard to beat. We had enough opportunity to win today, says a little disappointed James.

The fire felt confused with the punishment

Veton Berisha stayed in the car. He walked past him, but his touch was felt to lose his balance, but the tip stayed on his feet, but then the end went out. Judge Svein Oddvar Moen has not shown any sign of punishment despite Berishe's protests.

"If he was down there, we were punished and settled for a fight, but we have a man with a great morale," Lars Arne Nilsen of Beriši said.

Nilsen receives Bernt Hulker's support in Eurosports.

– He is punished by standing on his feet. There are penalties for me, he is prevented, Hulsker said, supported by Joacim Jonsson, but against Bengt Eriksen.

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