Monday , March 8 2021

Cultural Award for jazz musicians and composers –

The Vestnes Presidency has approved the City of Culture Award for 2018 at a meeting on Monday.

The Culture Prize is a check of NOK 10,000 and a diploma for cultural awards.

Publisher Tore Gjelsten in Fiksdalu was the publisher of jazz musicians and composer Terje Rypdal.

In the field, Terje Rypdal emphasizes her long and controversial career as one of the most prominent Norwegian musicians and composers in jazz and contemporary music.

"His compositions and plays are likely to be" demanding music "and this is the music to be listened to but enjoys great respect at home and abroad for his compositions and performances. His longstanding and controversial career that has started with Vanguards until the last ten years twice he was in Molde Jazz, and the artist who resided until 2008 to the last year returned to the band's conspiracy, and this seems to be especially remarkable, especially when Molde Jazz has the magnitude of a jazz genre right across the fjord in the Vestnes municipality ", states in the explanatory statement to the proposer.

It is also alleged that Terje Rypdal received three awards, whose honorary award in 2005 was one of them. He has made numerous concerts and albums, and is involved in the Rockheim Hall of Fame.

"Without knowing that she is safe, I think she has been given a lot of inspiration when she lives in such a beautiful place as the Tresfjord with fjords and mountains, one of her albums has the title" If the mountains can sing. "

Terje Rypdal has received many awards and awards, but has not yet received a cultural prize from the Vestnes municipality. Vestnes municipality can be proud of having such a musician in the municipality. Terje Rypdal deserves it because of his long and controversial career where he is tracking and locating Vestnes municipalities in Norway and Europe. It is therefore an excellent candidate for this, "he writes in the explanation.

The Cultural Awards Award 2018 will be held during the last meeting of the Municipal Council before Christmas on Tuesday, December 18th.

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