Death by Death for the Steam and Epic Games Store

Since Kojima Productions recently released a PC release of Death Stranding on PC, fans are wondering if the game will arrive on either Steam or the Epic Games Store. 505 Games, which releases the PC version, could reveal this week that it will be available in both online stores simultaneously.

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- Questions on social media have been spilled since revealing, and the answer is overwhelming. [...] As news that many of you are waiting for ... Death Stranding is being released simultaneously on Steam and the Epic Games Store, the publisher confirmed via their website.

The official launch date has not yet been set, but we know it will come in the summer of 2020. 505 also announced that Death Stranding pre-orders are now available through both the Steam and Epic Games Store, for players in love.

Quite unusual

Death Stranding got its long awaited launch on November 8th and is only available on PlayStation 4. Currently, the game is taking on the role of Sam Porter Bridges, a celebrated mailman who travels the vast post-apocalyptic landscape to deliver packages.

To say that the game received mixed reception would be humbling, and according to our own Espen Jansen, this is a game you either love or hate. Jansen landed in a former camp and praised much of the game in his review.

- This is not a game that is appropriate for everyone. I think this is a game you love or hate, but if you know how to appreciate something completely out of the ordinary, you can endure a little silence and reflection, as well as without any bombs, explosions and actions. all At the moment, it is quite possible that you will appreciate immensely what is served here.

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