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Diablo 4 advertising may have been detected

In an escalation to BlizzCon 2019 in a few weeks, many expect Blizzard to encounter some major breakthroughs. It now looks as if the raisin in the sausage has sprouted a little earlier than expected.

The latest issue of German magazine GameStar features an advertisement for a book called The Art of Diablo, published by Blizzard himself. The book is due out November 21, and mentions that it contains over 500 concept art images by Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III and Diablo IV. You can see the image of the ad in the Twitter post below.

Considering that this is a book published by Blizzard, this is most likely an advertisement that was published a little while ago. Combined with the small drops of Diablo 4 rumors that have been appearing regularly lately, we seem to be awaiting a final reveal when BlizzCon launches November 1st – 3rd.

It is also rumored that Blizzard's bunch of commercials include a rebuild of Diablo 2 called Diablo II Remastered. Twitter user "Metro_OW", who leaked to BlizzCon last year's announcements, claims to be sitting on information about it just before the weekend.


Possible revelations come after Blizzard was a tumultuous period. Hearthstone player Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai and two commentators have been banned from playing the tournament for one year since Blizzard, after Wai showed support for protests in Hong Kong.

The harsh verdict to Wai and commentators seemed to many as a snow scream halted the debate and debate over the Hong Kong protests aimed at silencing the Chinese regime, which itself sought to overthrow all support for the unrest. Blizzard refused.

Protests have been held in Hong Kong in recent months over democracy and power. Protesters believe authorities show too much loyalty to mainland China and want to be autonomous. It was especially lit when a draft appeared to open Hong Kong citizens to mainland China for persecution, but the law was halted. Protests for a freer Hong Kong and against the current regime are still ongoing.

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