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Do they have to judge them at each championship?

ESSTATIC: Swedish players leave after a long-awaited triumph on Saturday against Germany – again in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Photo: LOIC VENANCE / AFP

PARIS (VG) Four out of 52 games remain. It can already be concluded. The soccer championship in France is a great success.

And the Swedes did it again. There are few nations that disclose results with limited resources like them. Something good luck and some quick preparations and are suddenly in the semifinals.

Now the Netherlands is waiting, the nation of Norway has won the qualification. Orange European champions worried about Italy. Valenciennes did not make a day for good football in hot weather, but the day of football was always created for the ball for the death of Sheride Spitses and not just for the wonderful skills of closing Viviane Miedema.

The final favorite will nevertheless be the winner of the meeting between the giant US and literally England.

There are TV records in each country, there is huge pressure around the championships and matches, and the audience is on the streets and at the stands. Organically, this is undoubtedly the world's best in history.

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I do not know if the quality is the same. For example, I do not think any match can compete for the quarter-finals between Germany and France four years ago, and the ruling US champion looked more scary with four-year-old younger Megan Rapino and Carla Lloyd on top of their career in 2015.

BRÅSTOPP: Karina Sævik scored a break in the World Cup but against Millie Bright and England brutally stopped. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

Ball-playing Japan was all against Holland in the 8th finals, but the Japanese were more impressive in 2011 and 2015 (gold and silver). This new, young team will probably be tougher in its 13-month Olympics.

But I do not think it is very interesting or important to compare championships in this way and I almost want to shout: Can we quit the level? (Probably I also sometimes contributed.)

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It is the same every time a women's championship: either the level is bad or it is stated that the level has never been better, whether it is journalism, commentary, social media or mailboxes. Always must level discussed.

And it seems almost equivocal when it comes to pointing out how good players or teams are, these remarks have a slight disturbing touch that spills "so good girls become".

ORANGE JOY: Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema looks forward to replacing Jill Roord on his back after a 1-0 throw-away against Italy. Photo: Reuters

The level is as it is when the best in the world gather in the world's biggest sport, whether it's women or men: Very high.

In this World Cup there were good and bad games, brilliant and sad achievements, sometimes there were fun, others limp. always is in the World Cup, regardless of gender.

In what other sport do we talked so much about the level at which the World Cup is? Handball? Not. Athletics? Not particularly. Alpine? Sliding? Swimming? No, no, the elevation can continue.

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Have you heard someone say that the level of football for men was so much better in the 2018 World Cup than in 2010? Heavy. Because there is no problem. Did you hear someone mentioned that Modrić 2018 was better than Inieste in 2010 or Zidane in 2006? No, you do not.

It's a kind of survival from old times, in sports that has been for many years and still largely under the rule of men.

The feeling is that public opinion at least partially sees fights with the champagne glasses or the Premier League, which is of course unconsciously. When every week, every day, we launch bombs with big battles, it is unlikely to be affected by them.

Women's football players most of them appear every other year when it's a championship, and then they have to really be judged. Are they better now?

It is difficult without reason Hege Jørgensen in Toppfotball told VG women before the World Cup: "It is still allowed to laugh at girls and women playing football in Norway. What's far in there.

If there is a counter attack that is used too badly, a passport that fails, a blow that is too wide, a header or a failure that fails, then it is guaranteed that what Van Dijk or Ronaldo or De Ge did in the same situation.

IN FRENCH: Trond Johannessen.

Norwegian women's women have won the best teammates on the men's side, just like the handball team, just like Therese Johaug broke the best junior boys. The Norwegian junior record at the height of 1994 is 2.21 cm 18 centimeters higher than the Russian Lasik Maria who was supposed to jump to become the world champion in 2017, so we could go through all the sports.

The level of football difference is certainly not bigger in football, but certainly this is perhaps the toughest sport of all. Then the differences become more visible.

Those who tried to control the ball with their movements, with the opponent who held over them, ie Almost everyone, know that. Most people give up very quickly. They do not understand.

Those in the World Cup have succeeded. These are top athletes. Dot. The level is high. Constant. In the previous World Cup, now and in the next World Cup.

And they have to be compared with other women.

Not with Lionel Messiah.

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