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Employees Romerikes Blad – Elkjøp won in court

Elkjøp has not demonstrated that there is a need to reduce the number of employees or has done anything to find another suitable job for employees, according to the verdict.

FriFag writes.

  • Background:
    Discarded warehouse workers go to court against Elkøp and demand that they keep the job

The case is based on a strike last summer, where 40 employees have made progress in order for the company to enter into a collective agreement. Elkjøp considered it profitable to pay the salary, decided to leave the goods and rent it for another company.

The employees were dismissed, but the group protested. They considered the dismissals to be ineffective and sought to be in positions.

Elkjøp Norway has to pay a total of 500,000 NOK to the plaintiffs because of the lost income. In addition, the company has to pay a NOK 620,000 fee and pay the legal costs.

The company did not decide whether to appeal the verdict, says communications chief Christian Kamhaug.

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