Sunday , April 11 2021

Firefighter is allowed to find a new club

The go-ahead probably travels after only one season in Bergen.


American Ordagic (25) from Bosnia is on the way to Branni after one season in the club.

This is confirmed by the player's agent, Sanel Pajić.

"We talked with Brann and Amer had a chance to find a new club. We are doing this on that, says Pajić Bergens Tidende.

"It is particularly interesting about the player," the agency said, adding that it was particularly valuable for a club abroad.

It came a year ago

Amer Ordagic was transferred to Brann last year before Christmas. Then he thought he would replace Frederick Haugen, who is expected to leave Brann. Despite interest from home and abroad, Haugen finally decided to sign a new contract with Brann. This has changed the situation for Ordagic, who has never managed to settle for the Branni team.

The New Year would have a new midfielder in Kristoffer Løkberg, who goes to Brann from Ranheima.

Already this summer, Ordagic was supposed to travel from Branna.

"I want to be, but you never know in football," Ordagic said.

Ordagic has played five games since the beginning of this year's elite series and replaced him three times. He got a shot for Brann. There were four matches in the cup from the start.

The player's contract lasts for 2020. If Ordagic does not find a new club, he will see Brann next year.

BT has failed to comment on this case from Runa Soltved's manager.

This is the state of the fire

Earlier this week, BT announced that Icelandic hermit Vidar Ari Jónsson and Deyver Vega from Costa Rica could also seek a new employer for the next year. Since then, it is known that Peter Orry Larsen, Daniel Braaten and Ruben Kristiansen will not continue in Branni after the season. However, it is the supervisor Azar Karadas, who received a new one-year contract.

If Samuel Sahin-Radlinger's guard continues, it's not clear. The Austrian is on loan from Hannover 96 this season.

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