Tuesday , July 27 2021

Frigate Navy Chief: – It's very unfortunate that people just get a bit of a picture

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"I think it is very unfortunate, like the police, that only the bumps appear, and people just get a bit of the overall picture. The course of the incident during a collision and suffering is more complicated than it was, Stensønes says at Aftenposten.

He even fired Frigate KNM Helge Ingstad as head of the NATO Headquarters.

"It hurts to see the boat as it stands now and it makes a big impression to get to know the crew, not the least of those who feel accountable.

Must be examined from the inside

Stensønes did not even discuss the responsibilities and events with the captain and crew that was on the bridge at KNM Helge Ingstad during a drama on Thursday morning.

"That's because we do not want to influence anything with regard to independent police investigations and the Havarikommission, and because I focused on caring for them as human beings.

He adds that the MORH's internal investigation of the incident only gains access to its navy information.

– Do you have a sound track from the frigate bridge?

"We pulled the hard drives out of the navigation and what we have about the stored communication and give it to the Havarikommission and the police. That's exactly what it is, I have no overview.

Will not comment on the shift in. 04

– Was anyone worried that the crew was not suspended?

– They will not sail right now. And before that we will make an individual assessment and assessment of the crew as a group to see if they are ready and judged if they are appropriate.

Here we will hear information from Havarikommission, police and our own polls.

He found the shift to the frigate bridge. Thursday?

"This is one of the things we do not want to comment on now.

Did you meet the entire crew on Tuesday as planned?

-That. We also had contact with them during the weekend. As a group they express the desire to return to service. But we will become gradual.

Did anyone signal that they did not want to re-embark on the Navy?

– Not like I heard. But this is what we spend time and if someone does not want it, it will be appreciated.

"We keep them together as a group, and they cost it. We have a team of doctors, psychologists, nurses and policemen.

"The cabins were broken, the strings broke"

Did you talk to the crew?

– Yes, primarily with them as a group.

– What did the tankers get into the cabin?

"It was very dramatic, the cabs were broken, the wires were broken, but no less than the first five minutes, they did rationally, they did exactly what they were after the routine they were trained, and then the ship's leadership took control , says Stensønes, adding:

– They'll come with their eye-witness reports when they're ready. We use our experiences of conversations and conversations from international operations.

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