Sunday , April 11 2021

Great growth on Wall Street – GameStop has grown by more than 100 percent

At the top of the list of losses was Verisk Analytics, which fell 9.6 percent.

Two days of course collapse

The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite rose 0.99 percent to 13,598.0. The index has risen 5.5 percent so far this year.

Facebook fell 0.6 percent, while Apple shut down 0.4 percent and Amazon 1.1 percent.

Netflix rose 1.3 percent, while Alphabet (Google) closed 1.2 percent and Tesla jumped 6.2 percent to $ 742.0.

On Monday night, future electric car maker Lucid Motors announced it was entering the market through SPAC Churchill Capital IV. The value of Lucid Motors was higher than expected. After falling 38.6 percent on Tuesday, shares fell another 18.1 percent on Wednesday.

GameStop shares rose at the end of the day, closing 103.9 percent to $ 91.7.

Today’s winner was Sypris Solutions after a 90.2 percent increase.

The biggest on the loser scale was Constellation Pharmaceuticals, which fell 25.0 percent.

Fear, gold, oil and interest

The VIX index, popularly called the fear index, fell 7.1 percent to 21.5.

The price of gold fell 0.3 percent and an ounce cost $ 1,800.9.

North Sea oil rose 2.5 percent despite concerns.

The quarterly interest rate fell 0.2 basis points to 0.03 percent.

The interest rate on the two-year-old rose 0.9 basis points to 0.129 percent.

The ten-year interest rate rose 3.8 basis points to 1.388 percent.

The 30-year interest rate rose 4.5 basis points to 2,230 percent.

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