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– Great interest for participation – VG

TRAVEL: This year’s season of “Paradise Hotel” will be filmed in Mexico under strict corona rules according to TV3. Here’s from the January 2020 shoot. Photo: TV3

Norway’s two most popular TV shows are changing footage to accommodate the corona pandemic. “Ex on the beach” goes down the beach and goes to the mountains. The “Paradise Hotel” sends participants to Mexico a little later than usual.


Both programs have traditional recordings abroad, but will record them in 2021 differently.

– “Paradise Hotel” will be filmed this year, says Thomas Horni from Nent Group for VG.

The program has been displayed on the screen for more than 10 years. The recording was previously in January, but has now been moved to March. This year’s participants and film crew will be sent from Norway to Mexico to film the 14th season of the series at a traditional hotel.

It is still possible to participate

– It seems like a lot of people want a little sun and warmth in Mexico, but if you still want to participate, it’s not too late. We are now in the middle of a casting period, Horni says.

Discovery Norway has decided to move the filming of “Ex on the beach” to Norway and is making its fourth season of “après ski” version in Hemsedal. Filming begins next week.

– There has been great interest in participating, and just as much progress as in previous casting processes, says Ola-Magnus Svihus, communications consultant at Discovery.

“False accusations” from Hemsedal

The fact that the productions were moved to Hemsedal did not go smoothly. In the newspaper Hallingdølen, the mayor of Pål Terje Rørby said, before the new year, that production is not desirable. He thought it would weaken Hemsedal’s reputation.

Before the weekend, the production of “Former on the Beach” came out in VG against the mayor of Hemsedal. They claim to make false accusations.

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“Former on the beach” according to the mayor of Hemsedal: – Throws himself with untrue accusations

The channel describes the series as follows:

“Hot, free and adventurous girls and boys are ready to light an après ski all the time in the mountains. Here they will have fun, flirt and go out, but as usual there is a twist: One by one their exes appear out of the snow, and this can lead to freeze in a warm and delicious luxury lodge ”.

He moves to the mountains

– In Hemsedal we are in dialogue with the municipal superior and we will follow all the recommendations of the authorities for infection control to ensure that the recording is safe for participants, crew and locals, says Svihus for VG.

He says it was natural to try the Norwegian version, because the situation is with the corona pandemic, and promises a program in the “good former spirit”.

– We have been working for almost a year on how the program can be best solved. We’re always looking for opportunities to expand our former universe and we’ve been thinking about the winter version for a long time, as has been done in the U.S. in the past, he says.

American winter version entitled “Ex on the Beach – The pinnacle of love“It was spiced up with a few famous participants. In the last Norwegian season, Melina Johnsen, who became famous in the first season of “Ex on the Beach”, re-applied. Discovery will not discuss what disputes will arise this year before filming.

This is how a series is created when it is filmed abroad:

He postpones heavenly filming until March

– According to the plans, we will start filming in March, and we will premiere this year’s premiere in the spring of 2021, says Horni.

TV3 has made a corona plan to ensure the filming of “Paradise Hotel”. The plan is to record two seasons in a row, just like last year. The hotel where the series was filmed in recent years is located in western Mexico.

– We follow the advice given about the corona situation all the time, but now there is nothing to indicate that we cannot follow the shooting plan we made, says Horni.

The manager of the “Paradise” hotel, Triana Iglesias, previously told VG that she was taking the baby to the “Paradise Hotel”. She and her fiancé Mikael Gabriel got their first child on New Year’s Eve.

– Triana Iglesias continues to host and bring the child, says Horni.

– Are you making any changes to this year’s program?

– As for any changes, probably not everything will be as before. We got some feedback from fans who thought two episodes a week weren’t enough, so we’ll see what we get when it comes to just that.

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