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Have the most satisfied hospital patients!

Privacy and Data Storage

Storage and data logging

By visiting this site, you will find some technical information about your internet connection and browser. These data can be categorized as follows:

  • Cookies in your browser
  • Technical information about servers
  • User Information in Databases


This website uses cookies / "cookies" to enhance functionality and user experience.

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Technical information

When you visit a web site, a web server will report some technical data such as your IP address, which browser you are using and the time each time you request server data, i.e., when you click on the internal link and the download
a new website or related information such as fonts, images, different scripts required for website functionality.

These data are kept only for a limited period of time in order to solve problems and malfunctions in systems and never shared with newspaper or third-party employees.

User information

We store some information about you as a user. This site does not store any sensitive information, but simple contact information that you provided us when creating your account or purchasing services in online newspapers.
will be stored in our databases. This is necessary for providing services to you. These data will be deleted when you delete your account.

For whom do we store data?

Regular visitors / readers:

If you visit this site without registering your account or subscription, the following information about you is stored:

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User Login and Subscribers:

If you decide to create an account and / or subscribe to an online newspaper, the following information will also be saved about you:

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Note: After deleting data, they can still be saved for up to 180 days in backups. Security backups are stored with high security and limited access and are required for driving
solving problems and protecting the security of users and computer systems.

Third Party Participants

Here you will find information about our partners:

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Your rights:

As a user of this website, you can contact the newspapers to get your data delivered and / or deleted.

If you have an account / subscription, you can sign in to your user profile and download saved data, as well as delete your account and related information at any time.

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If you press WARN, the cookies will not be stored in your browser, and no information about you will be reported in our databases. This also means we can not know whether you have approved or not,
so you'll see this warning on each page you visit. Technical information (web server logs) will still save your IP address and browser data but will be wiped uninterruptedly, as described above.

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