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Helge Ingstad 's IMC: – Now: Harbor Commission has presented the report "Helge Ingstad"

Lillestrøm (Dagbladet): Director of Department Dag Liseth, Head of Research Håvard Bentsen, Head of Professional Staff Ingvild Ytrehus and Kristian Haugnes from the Norwegian Maritime Commission Office, present their preliminary report on what happened when KNM "Helge Ingstad" collided with the Sola tanker TS earlier this November.

conflicts: The mass of evacuation after the collision between the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad and the Sola TS tanker in Hjeltefjorden, north of the Sture terminal in the Øygarden municipality of Hordaland. Video: Rescue Center
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Since the accident, the Havaric Commission has been working intensively to find answers to what caused the frigate to collide with the tanker.

"It was a clear night, the tanker had a lot of lights on the deck at Stureterminal, it did not seem to be moving." The crew may have the impression that the tanker is stationary, "said the Invild. K External House.

That Sola TS had a tire light after the tanker dropped from the dock could contribute to the accident. The use of deck lights could have caused the frigate to be a navigation night after the tanker left the dock.

– Immediately after the shift at 04:00, the crew noticed that the object was stationary. They think they can not go to the right because they have to move around that object, she says.

– The commission for the debate found a security critical breach of the frigate. We will also assume that it is about the other four pots of the Nansen Frigate. It can not be excluded that similar conditions apply to other ships. The Navy Commission also asked the navy and defense materials to investigate the finds and take the necessary measures. They are also looking for a ship's design to see if it is related to other vessels.

The Harbor Commission will issue a warning about the safety criteria related to the frigate watertight division. It has been shown that watertight bursts are not waterproof.

When the announcement that the frigates and the tanker were on the collision course, Sola TS was mistaken in the machine. The frigate tried to carry kidney kidnappings.

There should be no indication that KNM Helge Ingstad experienced technical failure before the accident.

He took the water and lost control

The Havarikommission and Navy were previously rare with information about what happened. The Armed Forces had previously informed the frigate that he was taking water, lost control, and then drove away.

At 04.26. And on November 8, in Hjeltefjord, north of Sotra, the crash of a frigate with an oil tanker. The frigate did not succeed after the collision, and eight people on board were easier injured. A 250-meter long, fully charged oil tanker "Sola" came from a collision with minor injuries.

Fregat's management capacity had to disappear immediately after the incident.

Waiting storage

From the collision, warehouse work was very demanding.

With regard to rescue, the navy reports on its website that the ship has been silent for the last 24 hours.

On Wednesday, two powerful chains are set up as a ship's hedge. These are related to the earth. The defense reports that it is still impossible to take further action due to a storm's accident.

Risk of movement

The Rambiz ladder during the past few days contributed to the safety of the boat, where there were elevated chains around the bow and stern.

This job had to be put on hold on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, the navy reported on its web site that weather coverage could make the move in the boat:

"There is still a significant risk that the ship can slide into deeper water. In return there are great forces, and several factors affect the situation. The vessel is continuously monitored."

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