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– I think they were wrong – VG

KOLDING (VG) (Norway-Poland 35-22) Veronica Kristiansen is on her way to forming after a period of the crown with the police at the door in Hungary. The opening of the European Championship was good, but Kristiansen looked like a question mark when she was named the best player of the track.

– Well I looked surprised, Kristiansen laughs when VG asks.

– I think they were wrong about me and Henny. Maybe I reacted to that, she says, referring to Reistad’s six-goal scorer. The 21-year-old was playing with Poland when she took over Kristiansen in the second half.

Veronica Kristiansen has been a key Norwegian player since 2014, but lost last year’s World Cup due to a sad injury. He is now on the rise after 22 days in home quarantine in Györ – including his own covid-19 disease.

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Police in the Hungarian city were regularly at Kristiansen’s door to check if she was at home and if she had violated quarantine rules.

– I was ready for it. It is good that the police keep the rules in order. Quarantine is complete isolation. It’s not like in Norway. You can’t broadcast once, she says of repeated police visits.

She had to go through a solid heart and lung test regimen before she regained her playing license. For starters, the heart rate should not exceed 100. Currently, Silje Solberg is experiencing the same thing in Hungary. She also had to start training with walks.

– I received very good supervision from the club after covid illness. I’m glad I had to go through all the tests to make sure I had side effects after the illness, says Veronica Kristiansen.

– Have you become impatient?

– Of course. I think everyone would be, she replies.

She was declared ready to perform again only when Norway started gathering at the European Championships in Denmark last Monday.

– It was very nice to come back, she says after 29 minutes and 13 seconds on the field in her first counting match on October 17th.

They carefully parried her in the dress rehearsal against Denmark last week. The handball star of the football town of Mjøndalen came much better against the Poles.

– I feel that I am where I have to be both physically and mentally. But it will be even better in the next few days, he says after the first two goals at the European Championships.

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– I should just enjoy the field and smile today. In any case, I achieved my goal, she says, adding:

– We may have started a little slow at all, but we are recovering. We had problems with their line player in the first half, but it was getting better at the same time as the pace in the second half.

Now Germany is waiting for Saturday. The Germans defeated Cristina Neagus, a Romanian country hit by the crown, on Thursday. There will be a small group final against Kristiansen & co. lost the opening of the European Championship 2018. The loss ruined the entire Norwegian Championship which ended in 5th place.

– Rematch. We know that Germany is good and we must be ready, promises Norway’s best player.

According to the organizers of the European Championship.

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