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In the future, fewer women will get cervical cancer

Since 2016, the HPV vaccine has been offered to young women born in 1991 and later. The vaccine reduces the risk of cervical cell cervical changes by about 90% in women who were not infected with HPV at the time of vaccination.

120,000 in this group took the vaccine

The figures from the National Register of Vaccination SYSVAK show that nearly 120,000 women born in 1991 or later received a HPV vaccine offer in the period from 1 November 2013 to 31 October 2013.

"This suggests that many young women want to protect themselves against cervical cancer and other HPV-related cancers," says Anita Daae, project leader for the vaccination of young women.

With figures for the entire country, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health today also publishes data on the share of vaccinated women in the county, municipality and municipality. For some municipalities, however, there are no figures in bank statistics, usually due to low population ratios.

– The communal health test has made incredible efforts and has seen more than 300,000 doses of HPV vaccine side vaccine driven napkins launched two years ago. The largest share of vaccinated women is in Trøndelag, followed by Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland, winning Daae.

The following figure shows the percentage of women born 1991-1996 who benefited from a free HPV vaccine.

HPV Vaccine Coverage for Women's Feminine Vaccine in 2018

Bank statistics numbers are based on the address in the census. Young women will mostly be vaccinated elsewhere than in their homeland, for example, primary education and study. The share of vaccinated women in the municipality does not always give a complete picture of the number of vaccinations carried out in the rest of the municipality.

Best of both vaccines and cervical examination

Some women want HPV infection when they are vaccinated. The HPV vaccine can not treat such a liquid infection.

"It is important, therefore, for the vaccinated women to continue to cervical cervical screening, and the effect of vaccination will first be seen for a longer period of time." The best cervical cancer protection gets one if it is cleaved and goes to the uterus, "says Margrethe Greve-Isdahl a doctor of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

This offer is approaching

– All three doses should be taken to get the best possible protection. We will get some questions from women if they have to be re-vaccinated if there is more time between the time than planned. They do not need that. It's okay it took more time than planned, says Greve-Isdahl.

Side Effects of

The Norwegian medical agency has approved the HPV Cervarix vaccine after a detailed assessment of the effects and side effects. Like all other medicines, the vaccine has been approved by the international and national drug authorities before being put into use. Report the adverse effects in mostly mild and transient symptoms that are already known, such as sore and hand pain, headache, dizziness, common disorder often with fever, rash and itching. These symptoms will surpass themselves for a few days.

The above mentioned side effects do not provide the basis for changing the recommendations for the HPV vaccine.

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