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– It's really hard

SOMETHING (VG) The nearest neighbor of the late pair, Trygve Hellesen, says his son was home to the killing of the night and heard the sounds and the noise of his neighbors.

The forty-year-old man charged with murdering his parents in Sotri on Saturday afternoon was detained for four weeks with a ban on letters and visits.

"We believe there is a danger that it will reveal the evidence for repetition and it will be offensive to the public to let it go," May-Britt Erstad police lawyer VG said.

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background: The husband (40) was charged with murdering his parents

Defender Fredrik Verling does not want to comment on how his client objected to the charges. He also does not want to say anything about the treatment he received before and after the murder.

– It was very demanding to meet in court. There is a very difficult time, says Verling VG.

He was taken over by the health service after the police interviewed on Thursday. People with familial knowledge inform Bergens Tidende that a murdered man should fight mental illness for several years.

He went home several times

On Friday, the police told the couple that during the 60's they were probably killed by night to Thursday, or more than half a day before the police moved to the address.

VG talked to a man who says he was a friend of a deceased woman. He does not want his name printed. She passes daily near the house, which is on the main road, on its way to and from her own home. On Thursday, before he found out that the two of them were killed, he had passed the house several times.

For the first time at 8 o'clock in the morning, he believes the lights in the house were down.

At around 12.30 she went home again and watched the person sitting in the chair in front of the house. From the road to the wall of the house is about 80 meters away, so it is not certain who was sitting there. He says the late woman often sat there, but she was sure she was not.

The house was dark in the morning, she says.

He says the opinion that the couple was lying there "really damned".

Last time forwarded address around 18:30. Then there were police and emergency vehicles on the spot. The police set barriers 8-10 meters from the house.

The police officer came over and asked if I was fine to continue driving. He must have seen I was carved, says the man.

– Caring and positive

The same man says that he died to meet the woman the day before the murder. He describes it as a strong will, a positive and caring person, and points out that he was good at singing and playing the piano.

According to a man, he has talked about the situation with his son several times. He had the impression that he had been more difficult lately.

– I've heard a lot of trouble

The nearest neighbor of the late-dear, Trygve Hellesen, says his son was home to the killing of the night and heard the sounds from the neighborhood.

– He heard a lot of trouble. It was a kind of derangement that later became a loud story. He first thought there were some who were full but after that he was linked to the murder, the neighbor says.

The son was questioned by the police.

Hellesen says the accused moved his parents this fall and had been seeing this man since then.

– I met him many times. He is a kind and peaceful man. That is why it is completely incomprehensible, he continues.

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