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Kenza Zouiten Subosic – – No, my stomach doesn't look like it used to!

In mid-June, Swedish top blogger Kenza Zouiten Subosic, 28, was able to share the happy news of having her first child. By then, she had struggled to get pregnant for a long time – so the young son who came into the world longed for the 28-year-old and her husband, Aleksandar Subosic, 35.

Kenza herself posted the news of her happy birth on her Instagram profile. During a photo of himself with a newborn baby boy on his chest, the 28-year-old wrote:

"14. 05.06., This big boy came into the world and changed our lives forever. Everything went well and we are so in love with him. It is hard to believe that he is actually here and that I still have to be a mother. It was worth the wait, the fight, the pain. "

BIRTH: Swedish top blogger Kenza Zouiten Subosic became a mother on June 14 after many difficulties. Video: Kenza Zouiten Subosic. Journalist: Ingebjørg Iversen / Red Runner
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They named their son Nikola, and now a top blogger talks about the time since his birth. Shortly afterwards, the 28-year-old appeared on an upset stomach on Instagram – which made the comment box tick.

"Because there are so many comments on my stomach every time I post a photo, I want you to know the following: No, my stomach doesn't look like it did before," she wrote on Instagram earlier in July, reproduced by Expressen.

– I carried my son for nine months

After receiving dozens of negative comments from her followers that her body has not changed since birth, the 28-year-old blogger and model has to go out in response to a large fan base.

So did a popular blogger in a story Instagram post earlier in July. There, she said, among other things, that her stomach was completely different compared to before she had children – and that it did nothing to her at all.

POPULAR BLOGS: Kenza is becoming a very popular blogger in Sweden. Now it comes back against post-partum criticism. Photo: NTB Scanpix
POPULAR BLOGS: Kenza is still a very popular blogger in Sweden. Now it comes back against post-partum criticism. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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"A lot of you comment on my stomach when I post a picture so I want you to know that my belly doesn't look like it used to. It may never do, but it's okay. It gave birth to my son for nine months," Kenza wrote on Instagram.

It was in June of this year, the blogger gave birth to her first child – after being long outspoken about pregnancy issues. She posted the pregnancy on January 1 this year – on her own Instagram profile.

The post clearly marked Kenza and her husband's long journey to finally have children – and there was little doubt that news of the pregnancy was highly anticipated.

– We are so happy and grateful that we can finally say that a little miracle awaits us, which will come to the world this summer if all goes well. Words cannot describe how much love we already have for this little person, she wrote in a post.

Married in 2017

The couple, who got married in the summer of 2017, openly stated that they had almost given up on having children.

"We never gave up, lost hope, and never stopped fighting for our dream," the blogger writes, who further says she became pregnant naturally – just before she actually had her third test tube fertilization attempt, a top blogger previously said.

Just after the couple posted the pregnancy on Instagram, the blogger posted a video explaining the long struggle they had gone through in the last year or so before she became pregnant.

It turned out that after months of trying to conceive, the couple decided to choose the help of four different gynecologists and fertility specialists. This was, among other things, after she noticed she had menstrual problems.

The latest gynecologist might say that the blogger's ovaries were about to stop producing hormones for about 20 years prematurely. As a 26-year-old, she had very few eggs and so onAs a result, she will soon be in menopause.

The blogger was therefore prepared that donating eggs from another woman would be a likely alternative if she wanted to raise her own child. Egg-laying is banned in Norway, but is allowed in several European countries, including Sweden.

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