Thursday , June 24 2021

Knut Sander (20) slept when a crash occurred. I thought she was shaking normally. Then he discovered water on the floor.

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Knut Sander Blakkestad (20) served in KNM Helge Ingstad half a year before he had raced with tanker Sola TS on Thursday night.

Now he talks about his experience at Aftenposten.

– Where did you feel when a crash happened?

"I was sleeping at six, far behind, on the left. Not far from where the ship was hit.

– You did not warn me?

– I woke up and shivered. But it is not so abnormal. It is often cut off from the machine, even when the ship hits larger waves. I did not think so much about it, he thought it was harmless, Blakkestad says.

I have to hear the flood warning

"But it only takes a couple of seconds until I hear a flood cry, indicating that somewhere there are floods in the ship. I awake the other and cry the same message.

– What did you do next after that?

"I'm a little desert and I hear a lot of shouting, then I raise the curtain and see that there's water on the floor, then something happens in my head, I realize it's real, we, on the lugar, get us out on board.

– How long has it been since the collision to the evacuation order?

– We have procedures for everything. When something happens, we will meet in an agreed place. I met a cannon on the deck. In fact, I do not have a clear time perspective on how much time it takes until we decide to leave the ship while we are not on board.

– Normally we will go to the inflatable lifeboats. They were also placed on the water, but then it was decided to go straight across the trailer, says Blakkestad.

– A little stupid to me

– How is lighting on board when you have taken your boat?

"It was a bit tricky for me, but it was probably darker than the usual and emergency light. When we first came out on the deck deck, it started to be great.

– What did you talk about when all this happened?

"We were very happy that everyone lived alive and no one was seriously hurt.

"Did you hear about those who experienced that their rocker was overwhelmed?

– I learned about it later. But they also followed the procedures and came up with rubber or required treatments. I spoke to all people, and although we are under the influence of the situation, I see that they are doing well.

They practiced a lot

– How do you check if you have control over everyone?

"We have routines on it. Guests on board also know where they meet.

– Have you experienced the evacuation situation as safe?

– Yes, very safe. Officials and those who conducted the evacuation took over control. This is also something we practice a lot.

– What did you do when you landed?

"I think it was at Sturerminal. We have clothes and drinks.

– Did you see the damage on board?

"Not before we came to the helicopter deck and saw the flute on the ship.

– Was the boat solved?

– Yes, but not much.

Did you notify them at home?

– Everyone did not bring the phone. Neither did I. But we helped each other to call. Fortunately, early on the web there are no dead or injured. No one was worried about me at all.

– What is it now?

Most of them traveled home. Then we will meet again this weekend, Blakkestad says.

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