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– Kygo went to the publishing house

KYGO VOCALIST: Justin Jesso, here on the stage with the Norwegian star in Baltimore in May. Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images North America

The man singing on one of the biggest hits in Kyo says he did not want to be a song singer.

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (27) is currently in the top-down list of the world, with "More Love," in Whitney Houston's voice about the production of Kyga.

The Rock singer has released singles with several great names behind the microphones, such as Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora.

However, some of the greatest hits in Kyro sang pretty vague leaves.

One of them is American Justin Jesso, who sang at the "Stargazing" on Kygu. He has 385 million shows in Spotify.

According to the singer, it was not obvious that he finished as the voice of "Stargazing". In an interview for Entertainment Focus explains how the song has become:

"I wrote a song one Monday with some friends in LA. It was sent to Kygo on Tuesday. They sent us a version on Wednesday. On Friday it was confirmed as unique. He left two months later, says Jesso.

Forever grateful


– Over the course of these two months the label will be a more famous artist on the song. But Kygo went to the company and said he would keep my voice. I'm always thankful to Kygu.

Check out the first live performance of the Kyoto Norwegian language summer here:

Kygo was signed together with the Swedish and US department of Sony's publishing house. Helen McLaughlin was the artist and repertoire responsible for Swedish Sony when "Stargazing" was created. She says she can not remember any special discussions about the singer's choice.

"But there was a lot of chefs around each individual, so it was possible that someone had a look at her," says VG.

– Personally, I liked Kygo always with us and "break" their singers – Conrad Sewell, Parson James and Maty Noyes got all their greatest songs in this way. So Justin!

Co-Manager Kygosa Jan M. Bjordal did not respond to VG's request for comment on the case.

Tall in ladders

Justin Jesso has intensely performed with Kygo as a vocalist and warming artist. He is staying in New York on Monday night, where Kygo is headliner at the Pride Utopia festival.

There Kygo will be performing for the first time singles Whitney Houston.

The Kygo-produced edition of Whitney Houston Steve Winwood's "Higher Love" reached second place on US iTunes at weekends and seventh in iTunes at the global level.

The song was found at the 28th spot on a global, daily updated Spotify list. Singl has generated over 2.1 million live streaming services at its first service.

After two days, he dropped to 35th, with just over 1.7 million games.

On the Norwegian Spotify list, "Higher Love" is now in second place behind this song.

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