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Madonna – "Good Control" – Madonna was shot in a "disturbing" spot

While some artists leave a message in art open to interpretation, Madonna does not invest much in her new music spot "God's Control."

Pop legend (60) sends a clear blow to the US controversial arms policy, including video footage shootings at the night club.

We see in the video that actors – including Madonna – are down to the dance floor. We also see bullet hole bulletins and bloody injuries.

  • "God Control" is one of the songs on "Madame X", Madonna's new music. Read the review here.

The video was released on Wednesday and achieved nearly two million pieces in a short time.

In the introduction to a music video, Madonna warns of video content: "The story you will see is very disturbing, it shows graphic scenes with armed violence, but this is happening every day, and it has to end.

– Deep disturbing

Nightclub scenes send remarks about Orland's record in 2016, when Omar Mateen killed 49 people at Pulse, a gay night club.

Patience Carter survived a mass murder. It corresponds to Madonna's new music spot, the BBC writes.

British television quotes Carter's Twitter account, writing that he could no longer see more than 45 seconds.

"There are so many creative moves that can be taken to create awareness of weapons control. The victims of these mass shootings should always be taken into account.

I greet the experiment, but I think it is very disturbing. ", writes Carter, director of the survivors of the Armed Forces Foundation.

Calls to dialogue

Another surviving Pulse, Brandon Wolf, tells TMZ to appreciate what Madonna is trying to achieve with "God's control".

At the same time, Wolf responds to the fact that the pop star has not been in contact with video survivors or survivors, nor receives input nor estimates how the video will affect them.

He also believes that the video is so strongly related to pulse recording that Madonna should somehow recognize or pay tribute to 49 people killed.

Worried about kids

Madonna did not respond directly to the criticism of Carter and Wolf.

CNN's viewers responding to graphic violence in the video gives the following answers:

– It happens when people shoot.

Madonna also in an interview with people captures video in defense.

"Seeing reality and brutality, stay up. This is actually happening. That looks like that. Do you feel that bad? Well, then you might want to do something.

A six-year-old mother tells her to take care of their children's safety when sending them to school, and describes armed violence as the biggest problem in the United States right now.

"It's enough for me," says Madonna, who in the music video encourages fans to support a number of organizations trying to stop armed violence.

The song "God Control" can be interpreted as a "weapon control" dossier, which is a stricter regulation of access to weapons.

According to the People, about 100 Americans are killed daily by firearms, and hundreds are shot and injured.

DOWNLOAD: Emma Gonzalez was one of the most prominent in the demonstration against US arms law. The 18-year-old girl survived school shootings in Florida in February. Video: CNN
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Swedish director

It was just Swedish Jonas Åkerlund who directed a controversial music spot.

Åkerlund and Madonna have worked together for several years. Duo won the Grammy 1998 for a musical spot for "Ray of Light". In 2009 they won a new prize, followed by the DVD "The Confessions Tour".

Åkerlund stands behind Mayhem's "Chaos Master" movie, who received the fifth in Dagbladet.

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