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Magnus Carlsen marked the world top in a popular football game

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After the first eight rounds of the English league this season, the Norwegian chess player ranked 194th with just over seven million players worldwide.

The Fantasy Premier League works by choosing a 15-player squad to compete for as many points as possible in each round. You get 100 fictional millions of pounds available. Players get points based on points, the addition of goals scored, whether they have zero and various other achievements.

Carlsen's team had no recent battles (43 points), but fell only six places on the overall list. In addition, he is at the top of most leagues in which he participates.

He has played over 50 games for Liverpool. He is now the best of 7 million Fantasy players.

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Top 10 in Norway

Among all the Norwegians who play Fantasy, he is the 10th best. There are just over 200,000 registered Norwegian Fantasy players.

And this is not the first time Carlsen has distinguished himself in the particularly popular management game. Last season it was No. 111 in the world just over halfway through. However, the season ended with room 24,105.

The season before, i.e. 2017/18, Carlsen was also high on the results list with a total of 2397 places.

Norwegian Ole Kristian 94th is the best Fantasy player in the world. One detail makes it impressive.


There are several active Fantasy players among the chess players in Norway. Jon Ludvig Hammer occasionally stepped up in the game. Like Carlsens coach Peter Heine Nielsen.

Carlsen manager Espen Agdestein previously told Aftenposten that the chess champion wants to be good in the manager's game.

– I know he does, but I honestly don't know how much time he spends on it. What I do know is that he takes it pretty seriously, Agdestein said in January.

Magnus Carlsen may have had more time to work with his Fantasy team in recent weeks, as he has been playing for free since late August. The first official Fischer Chess World Cup will be played in October / November at the Henie Onstad Center in Høvik outside Oslo.

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