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Megan Rapinoe – welcomed as an "icon" afterwards

There are few of them, if they even have one, which was as many centimeters as the American star Megan Rapinoe (33) during this year's World Cup. The veteran is very open and he is not afraid to say exactly what he thinks.

Among other things, he was able to finish the war with US President Donald Trump during the championship.

Nonetheless, Rapinoe has become a very popular figure in women's football. Now, according to CNN, was hailed as an "icon" after becoming a major player when the US dropped a big favoritism to France in the quarterfinals. The celebration of the goal takes place in social media.

– This is one of my favorite sports photos of this decade. Thank you for such a big inspiration for my daughter. You were awesome, writes Bill Simmons, a football expert on American television.


The struggle between France and the United States – the two great forces in women's football – was later proclaimed one of the greatest in history. It was the thrill of a soccer match, and Rapinoe with his two goals became a great player of the game.

On social media, people have now gone so far as to stand behind her in the presidential campaign (where she does not look different), while others believe that 33-year-old statues should be raised throughout the country.

– Build the Golden Statue of Megan Rapino and place it in front of the White House, fool! Setting up her statues is the only way to heal the United States, says a somewhat delighted college professor twitter.

But Donald Trump is not delighted by Megan Rapino.

rat words

Early in the Championship, Rapinoe marked his dissatisfaction with discrimination in the United States. When the national anthem echoed across the stadium in France, she decided not to lay her hands on her chest, as was the American "custom." She did not sing either.

Rapinoe deals with a series of questions about equality and justice.

In addition, she opened Trump's criticism and raised her when she stated that she "did not go to the White House" if the US won the World Cup and was called.

– Megan should win before he talks. Finish the job! We have not yet invited Megan and the team, but now I call them regardless of whether they should win or lose. Megan must not be disrespectful of the country, the White House or our flag, especially after all that has been done for her and the team. Be proud of the flag you are wearing. The United States works well, among other things.

The United States in the semifinals meet in the fourth quarter of Norway, England.

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