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Nadya Khamitskaya – Fear of Death: – My greatest horror

Today it will be decided. Which of the three finalists in Shall We Dance will reach the top? Victor Sotberg (28), Jørgine Vasstrand (30) and Alexander Hetland (36) were all favorites in advance, and it is impossible to count on who will be releasing dance shoes after delivery.

While it is sad to leave the competition when it is fully under attack, it still means that you can finally spend time with your family, friends and loved ones again. One can also cultivate other hobbies.

Alexander Hetland is known as a swimmer and became European Champion in 2009 and World Champion in 2012. In other words, he adores water, which is the opposite of what his dance partner Nadya Khamitskaya (36) does.

oBSCENE: Alexander Hetland and Nadya Khamitskaya Andersen have another week in "Do We Have to Dance." Among other things, they were told they were obscene. This is what your girls say. Reporter and clip: Thea Hope. Video: Ingebjørg Iversen / TV 2 / Red Runner
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Almost pressed

Recently, the 36-year-old spoke about his fear of water here and now, in connection with the program. She had talked about it before, See and Listen.

Khamitskaya has been a life saver ever since she was a girl in her home country, Belarus. As a result of the accident, which could quickly have fatal consequences for the former professional dancer, she stayed away from the wet element.

– When I was a kid, I drowned. I was only two years old and bathed in a kind of anguish. I don't remember what happened, but I went in and found it. Mom discovered it right away, but I passed out, Se and Listen said.

SINGLE BUILDING: Khamitskaya (t.h) had to swim at
SWIMMING TROUBLE: Khamitskaya (t.h) had to swim at "71 degrees north". It was not an easy task. Photo: screenshot
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– It was very scary for us. I don't remember the experience, but it left its mark in my subconscious. I'm pretty fearless elsewhere in life, but water has always been my biggest fear, she said.

Last year, she participated in "71 Degrees North – Norway's Toughest Celebrity," and one of the first tasks participants had to do was swim the full 2.6 kilometers. Physically, this is stress in itself, but mentally it didn't make it easier for the 36-year-old.

– I got into the water and completely panicked. There was a seagrass on my leg that pulled me down and I suffered a return of horror. I didn't want to show that I was really scared because I wanted our team to win, she explained openly.

HOTLAND: Alexander Hetland is one of the participants in "Shall we dance". Although early in the season, he noticed already with a lot of skin and passion on the flooring. Journalist: Thea Hope. Video: Ingebjørg Iversen / Red Runner
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– I can't swim

Khamitskaya repeated several times throughout the scene that she thought it was difficult and could not do it four years ago. It is not entirely coincidental that this is exactly the period that the dance star is occupying.

Six years ago, four at the time, another reality show was to change her fears of swimming in many ways. The dancer was asked to join "Let's Dive" on TV 2. She accepted that although she had a big problem:

– I couldn't swim, and even then I couldn't dive. But I thought it was a golden opportunity to learn it. If I needed to swim first, I might as well learn from the pros. I thanked him for teaching him all of a sudden.

The fact that she was also a mother provided additional motivation.

– When I had a child, I started thinking that it was more about responsibility than what I wanted to do with myself. We live on Nesodden, surrounded by water, which is why I had to learn to swim after becoming a mother. You never know what your situation is, she said.

Nadya Khamitskaya did not respond to Se and Heara's request to add something to the case. She is married to Mads Andersen – who is the video director for Aller Media. Aller Media owns Se and Listen.

This is a dance

On Saturday, he will be watching the floor with Hetland for two dances. They will dance a quick step in "I Will Be There for You" by The Rembrandts, and the Argentine Tango by Moulin Rouge's "El Tango de Roxanne".

The other two couples will dance the following:

Jørgine Vasstrand and Jørgen Nilsen will be the first to look at the Whitney Houston roller coaster I will always love. Then they dance to Wilson Pickett's "Land of 1000 Dancers".

Victor Sotberg and Rikke Lund should place themselves first, "What the World Needs Now" by Burt Bacharach. She will then dance to Gloria Estefan's salsa "Rhythm Will Get You."

Three pairs received high marks from the judges, and it is almost impossible to judge who has to go home.

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