Monday , January 25 2021

Narvik became Norway's candidate for the Alpine World Cup

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This was confirmed during an open board meeting in the Norwegian Ski Association on Monday afternoon, where the working committee presented its recommendation. The final decision is under the Steering Board of the Norwegian Ski Association on November 19th.

The unanimous working committee went to Narvik. What happened in Narvik's favor was that they had only one arena against the four arenas of Kvitfjell / Hafjell.

– has the best possible international opportunity

So the national object is destroyed. The working committee said that Narvik had a spectacular concept in which "the mountains, the city and the sea are compact" while long distances spoke against the Kvitfjell / Hafjell application.

"We believe that Narvik is a candidate who can win at the international level and win the Norwegian World Championship. It was our mandate: who is the one who has the best chance for the World Cup to Norway, said Terje Lund, President of the Norwegian Ski Federation.

During the presentation, he said that Norway has two good candidates, both of which could both win in the struggle to win the first Norwegian Alpine World Cup.

"I was impressed with both applications, but we had to choose the one who came out," Lund said.

The recommendation was given on behalf of the working committee.

NRK: Narvik is nominated as Norway's candidate for the Alpine World Cup

It was fixed for one week

The Norwegian Ski Federation Board will make the final decision next Monday. After that, skiing will approve the application before the International Ski Federation (FIS) makes the final decision on who will host the Alpine World Cup in 2027.

"We will make the decision next Monday, now I will read the report," said shipyard Erik Røste in NRK after receiving a referral.

In Narvik's plans, most of the accommodation facilities are done by cruise ship. From the docks in Narvik to the targeted area on the ski slopes is just a few minutes walk.

Narvik's application is also more expensive than Kvitfjell / Hafjells, with NOK 500-600 million to NOK 100 million.

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