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Night mode or not? Battery tests showed a huge difference

Night mode or dark mode in recent years has been increasingly happening on all websites, operating systems. If night mode is enabled, the light white wallpapers are replaced with dark or black and have recently been implemented in the new iOS 13.

There were many arguments for night mode. These include battery saving, and the claim that the phone actually saves battery if the screen has dark backgrounds rather than light ones.


In dark mode, you can save battery power as long as your phone has an OLED screen rather than an LCD.

The two types use different technologies to display images. While each pixel on an OLED screen can be illuminated individually, the LCD monitor must have a full backlight for color display. When the OLED screen shows something black, it simply turns off the pixels. The LCD monitor cannot do this, and the backlight is on constantly, with each light blocking the light. This also allows OLED screens to display something quite black, while even the best LCD panels can never turn completely black.

Now the PhoneBuff YouTube channel has tested that claim with two iPhone Xs Max phones. Both are equipped with OLED screens, and both performed exactly the same actions via an automatic printing robot.

Both are calibrated at 200 nits brightness. One is night mode enabled and the other "regular" mode.

The test results for PhoneBuff show this that, you get better battery life with night mode enabled. In fact, potentially much better.

43 percent better battery life

The test showed that the night-mode cellphone still had 30 percent of the battery left when another cellphone died. That is, the iPhone without night mode pulled power 43 percent faster than the one with night mode turned on.

The YouTube channel has also tested two more times – one with lower light and one with higher. As expected, the differences became smaller as the brightness was not so high (100 nits) and even greater at high brightness (300 nits).

It should be mentioned that all the applications that were tested had support for night mode, which may be a little unrealistic in practice today. This will affect the results, as the two phones have very different screens over time. But the longer it takes and the more applications support night mode, the more likely the scenario is.

However, there is little doubt that night mode actually provides better battery life. Provided you have a cell phone with an OLED screen, respectively.

Here are some of the cell phones we tested with the OLED screen:

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