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NorgesGruppen, Kiwi | The Norwegians saved a record amount with Trump:

You can get a nice surprise if you check your Trump account.

At the turn of the year, the Norwegians had a total of 1.7 billion NOK bonuses in Trump’s account. That’s almost 200 million more than last year.

Never before has that number been so high, and this is a record Trump bonus this year.

Approximately two million Norwegians are members of Trump, which is a bonus program for Norway’s largest grocery store, Norgesgruppen, which includes chains such as Kiwi, Meny, Joker and Spar.

Already in the first week of the year, many decided to withdraw their bonus, so when we are in the second week of the year, Trump’s customers have just over NOK 1.6 billion in extraordinary bonuses.

– It’s a clear record. The main reason is the increased turnover as a result of the corona crisis, but also the fact that the membership has increased somewhat, says Trump’s executive director Truls Fjeldstad.

On average, members saved almost 800 kroner in 2020 and have almost 900 kroner in their account. However, there are very big differences, he points out.

In 2020, customers saved a total of just over NOK 1.45 billion in Trump bonuses. It is common for this amount to be lower than the amount in the account, as many are left with money from previous years.

Fjeldstad expected investment in ViaTrumf to provide a significant boost in 2020, but the drop in travel bookings did not yield the desired results. However, the use of ViaTrumf in online shopping has increased, so they expect strong growth in the last six months.

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Kiwi: 1.2 billion bonuses

Kiwi buyers are responsible for most of the earnings from the Trump bonus. In 2020, 1.6 million Kiwi Plus customers saved a total of NOK 1.26 billion in Trump bonuses.

This is an increase of approximately NOK 300 million from 2019.

Kiwi Pluss is an upgraded Kiwi-based benefits program based on Trump, and in addition to the usual Trump bonus, it also offers a big discount on fruits, vegetables and fresh fish.

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If we just look at the numbers of how much Kiwi Plus customers have earned by buying only in Kiwi, there is a growth of 31.3 percent since 2019. In 2020, Trump Trump saved 895 million Norwegian kroner.

“We encourage our customers to withdraw their bonus and enjoy the money saved,” says Kristine Aakvaag Arvin, communications manager at Kiwi, Nettavisen.

He states that Kiwi customers have a total savings of NOK 1.18 billion in their account. The highest amount a customer has is a man who has as much as 105,000 kroner.

– What Kiwi achieves is absolutely magical. We’re talking about an awful lot of money here. We know that many households appreciate this small extra subsidy after Christmas, says Fjeldstad.

He also states that money does not run out unless the account moves to zero over the last five years and Trump reaches out to customers.

– Use the money as soon as possible

Grocery expert and NHH professor Øystein Foros recommends checking your Trump account and withdrawing the money.

“There’s no reason not to spend this money as soon as possible,” he told Nettavisen.

He says that many allow savings in the bonus through various benefit programs to remain in the member account, and that is not profitable.

– Many do not follow completely. But it’s smart to come in and check, and then it’s important to be easy and transfer money, he says.

Foros, however, points out that it is wise to spend money on the food budget you already have, to save money.

– Don’t buy things you wouldn’t otherwise buy, he advises.

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Healthy goods contribute the most

Most of the bonuses that kiwi buyers have earned are due to the fact that they bought healthy goods.

– NOK 541 million customer bonuses in 2020 come from fish, fruits and vegetables. It should pay to choose healthy, says Arvin.

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He thinks that it is good that the sales of healthy goods have increased.

– We hope that rewarding healthy choices contributes to people choosing to eat more fruits, vegetables and fish, she says.

– It is never wrong with carrots to make people choose healthier, she adds.

Arvin also points out that Kiwi is now giving customers the opportunity to transfer part of their bonus to UNICEF, which Kiwi also supports.

“It’s a great opportunity to contribute to something good,” Arvin says.

Æ Reme 1000 members get all the bonus when they buy, while Coop members settle for 2020 at the turn of the month in January / February.


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