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One of the three cultural workers is subjected to sexual harassment, research suggests

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The Fafo report, published on Friday, confirms, above all, what we know before.

"There are several results that surprise us, but research gives us an additional factual basis," says Christine Thomassen, deputy director of MFO / Creo and former soloist of the National Ballet.

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Relationships between power and the liberal old

The research was conducted in film, television, games, stage and music, but most of those who came from performing arts and music. 34 and 46 percent.

32 percent said they were victims of sexual harassment during their careers. The report shows that you are younger, the more likely you are experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace context. Those who have a bad relationship with the workplace also have a much higher risk of unwanted sexual exposure.

Here is an example of such a situation described by one of the respondents:

"It was in a free situation, my songwriter was known as the principal, I was unknown, all the information had to go through it, he gave power and was more interested in receiving dividends than it was the song." We had a meeting with my business I was overwhelmed and did not come out of the situation, I did not look at this, he was afraid to work and he was a freelance professor.It was a permanent employee of the opera house.We agreed to have a concert there, I was a freelancer and the manager decided that all communications they went through it, threatened me, pushed me and manipulated me. "

"I think there are many reasons why young people with no permanent employment are particularly vulnerable. Now we should be careful about categorization, but the research gives us some indications that there is a slightly different perception of what is considered as abusive and not depending on how much star, points out Christine Thomassen.

The report shows that older people are generally more liberal in terms of what they consider to be sexual harassment compared to what young people want to answer.

"But this is also about the invisible relationships of power, young people enter the environment, they will look for their place and connect contacts, what I worry is that they are not sure whether their own limits are allowed as a result of these experiences: Do I get too close to things? The younger the man, the more uncertain the man who cares for himself, and the question is whether unwanted sexual consciousness is something that has to be accepted.

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Colleagues are disturbing

Former dancer witnessed problematic behavior and use of language in the dance environment, and stressed that full-time employment is not protection from sexual harassment.

"In national ballet there was probably less than a lot of other places, but it's easy to think that dance as a permanent employee is safe, but you're still dependent on choreographers, and in the uncertain position with respect to future roster lists. the industry is complex, independent of the form of association – the fact is that it is shorter, Thomassen believes.

The research also shows that the person most often disturbs colleagues without managerial responsibility (56-61 percent) or a manager / manager with formal leadership (26-32 percent). One in four says harassment is artistic superior, while between 20 and 30 percent say it is a crowd or guests who are in the process of harassment.

(The case continues below the picture.)

Christine Thomassen, deputy head of the MFO.

Christine Thomassen, deputy head of the MFO.


Here's an example of how sexual harassment can occur in a collegial relationship:

"The co-worker who recommended me the job (as I received on the basis of the project) to open the desire to bathe and find something. When I did not answer, he said" so cool that I just got your job, "and followed it "My contract expired three months later and has not been renewed." Today, I have to deal with these imprecise rumors. "

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What is Sexual Harassment?

But what is sexual harassment? Researchers behind the report point to subjective experiences of this, but there are certain definitions: According to the EU directive, sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted verbal, non verbal and physical sexual behavior that has the purpose or effect of being abusive, frightening, hostile, humiliating , humiliating or disturbing. In Norway, we have received a new law on equality and discrimination on 1 January 2018. Sexual harassment here is defined in accordance with EU directives.

According to the report, research is clear that sexual harassment is destructive, both for the working environment and for the health of workers. Also, observation of sexual harassment negatively affects witnesses or witnesses. The Labor Law has comprehensive provisions that will provide a good and health-friendly working environment that provides work safety.

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Taboo people

Men are primarily sexually disturbed and women are the most vulnerable. But the report also states: "When it comes to a man, it is first and foremost to note that men are also subject to sexual harassment by both men and women."

– Sexual harassment is a taboo area for many men. What can we do to increase openness and how can we help people in this situation?

"First, I'm glad that many people responded to the survey," says Thomassen.

46 percent of respondents are men, 54 percent of women.

"It's incredibly easy to do it exclusively for a female case, and that is a very female case, but not just about women." I believe that it is more legitimate for a woman to notice that she will be sitting for a long time for many men. The classic story of sexual harassment is about a man and a woman, and embodies the perspective of a stronger and weaker physical party, but there are also women who harass men and men who harass men as well. is a part of those who have experienced unpleasant things. I hope we will create a culture in which everyone, regardless of gender and sex, dares to say.

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Seven out of ten do not say

One disappointing finding in the report is that so many more than seven out of ten who have experienced sexual harassment in the past three years have reported no experience to anyone. The main reason for this is the uncertainty of what is exposed to sexual harassment and the harassment is serious enough. 28 percent say fear of consequences for further care is why they have not reported, and 18 percent reported fear of losing work.

"This is the first thing we need to revive," says Christine Thomassen:

– Fear of reporting people. We wanted to establish good warning routines. In workplaces where there is someone with responsibility, it's easy to get in place. We at MFO / Creo can play a more active role in becoming an alerting body for those who want to report but do not have any employers to sign up, a place where people can have someone to talk to and an opportunity to warn, says deputy head of MFO / Creo.

Here one of the interviewees describes an episode that illustrates the fear of the consequences for their own career if she reports:

"The filmmaker took me in step and kept me there in front of my then boss then asked why he was not with me when I was around him every day, my boss at the time did nothing, just comment on the next Monday that too many women will speak the things that are happening in "filling up" are considered to be difficult. "

• "For those who experience it can have very serious consequences, and for connection it can mean the loss of members and qualified elected representatives"

Long-term work

One of the consequences of the #metoo campaign is that more people were reluctant to be open about unpleasant experiences. This is also recorded in the MFO / Creo office.

– Yes, many contacted us. Even if it's bad to hear the stories, I'm very happy that people dare to contact me and appreciate the confidence they show us.

Thomassen is now worried that #metoo does not become an empty hashtag, but that the issue in the future is high on the agenda. Attitudes do not change during the night. Long-term work must be done.

"We will now dive into this material, look at what we have already done, and find out what we need to supplement." "We're not an island, but we want to cooperate with others." It's very easy to jump on the measures because you experience such a need for something but It is important to think in the long run. We also actively contribute to Balance Art's support to become the whole industry's coordination unit in this paper.

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