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Organic pig breeder: – We can now sell three times more pigs – Work

Last Wednesday, the NRK Brennpunk documentary "Secrets of the Pig Industry" was shown for the first time. The documentary has attracted great attention and attention to the pig industry.

For farmer Tore Jardar Wirgenez, in Virgenes Gård, the documentary has created a different kind of attention than for others. Never before had a similar growth in demand.

Things were going to happen on the mail and the cell phone in the evening. We have already received the Christmas sandy waiting list in front of St. Hans. It never happened.

– We could now sell three times more pigs. People really want what we do, says Wirgenes.

Let the pig be pig

Virgenes Gård produces about 150 pigs per year. Along with breeding pigs, livestock, poultry and vegetables are also grown on the farm.

The farm last year had a turnover of 4 million Norwegian crowns. Sales are conducted directly without intermediaries through new so-called. REKO rings that are a direct distribution channel of food products. Larvik sells mainly in Oslo, Sandvik and Vestfol.

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On Virgenes pig farms come out the whole year as much as they want. The prick is twice as big as the mother, according to Wirgenes.

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On Virgenes pig farms come out the whole year as much as they want. The prick is twice as big as the mother, according to Wirgenes.

"Every year increases awareness, but now the customer has really become aware of it," says Wirgenes.

At Virgenes pig farms have homes and are free to be outdoors as long as they want throughout the year. Too early is not castrated and children can go with their mother longer than the usual solutions. Pigs are fed with grass, vegetables, roots and fodder-free nuts.

– We let the pig to be a pig. It can quickly become a small production line and industry. Maybe it should be a little lower, Wirgenes asks.

Now the farmer has a clear goal for the next year:

– We'll double production.

Grøstad Gris has also noticed an increased demand

Grøstad Farm is also known for its good pork. They can also report high demand growth.

– People are wondering where they can get our products. There have been several questions about how we operate and people are very curious, says Trude Viola Antonsen, General Manager of Gris Grove for E24.

He can say that the order for this week from ASKO has increased by 50 percent after the NRK documentary is shown.

Although Antonsen is happy to notice increased demand, he says he does not recognize the pig industry in the documentary:

"The ones we saw in Brennpunkt shocked us. Such farmers have to give up, she says.

Bioeconomist: Consciousness can open up more differentiation

Senior Advisor Ivar Pettersen of the Norwegian Institute for Biochemistry (NIBIO) says increased awareness of meat production can be opened for more differentiation among producers. According to him, it can affect sales from a cooperative.

"I think the standard is generally good, but whatever the standard in cooperatives, this type of deviation documentation will increase awareness. Co-operative teams represent the average, says Pettersen.

– It may be that this awareness opens up space for product profiling in new ways. It can be opened for more local production, says Pettersen.

The history of food becomes more important

The senior advisor emphasizes that it belongs to the story of food.

– A trustworthy food story becomes more and more important, and then there is a closeness and a place. This may have greater significance for this kind of incident, says Pettersen.

Although increased awareness can be opened for local production and differentiation, Pettersen does not believe that the documentary last week changed something special in the general attitude towards the meat industry.

– Basic changes need more. Then, this long-term trend of veganism and a more general approach to livestock production is probably more important for long-term consumption, says Pettersen.

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